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BlackBerry Allowing Devs to Submit Unmodified Android App APK’s to BlackBerry World?


We have been hearing an interesting new rumor from a few Android developers and now confirmed via Good e-Reader. For over a year now BlackBerry has been forcing Android developers to convert/modify their APK files to BAR files and getting code signing keys before submitting the apps to BlackBerry World. We have heard that BlackBerry is tearing down this requirement and is already letting some developers submit unmodified Android APK files to be hosted on BlackBerry World. This makes life WAYYYYY easier for Android devs who in the past have just done the conversion once and given up.

Its nice to see BlackBerry tearing down more of the tedious rules and requirements for developers to get their apps into BlackBerry World. Hopefully BlackBerry finds a way to make it easier for developers to keep their Android apps up to date in BlackBerry World. Either way its nice to see the BlackBerry World team be a little less of a disappointment holding back BlackBerry 10’s potential.

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  1. Hmmm this could backfire some games and apps require google play services and those APK’S need to be modifed in such they link to blackberry world for in game purchases. This cannot be true they need to modify the APK’s to work with BB hardware as much as possible and disable once again google play services….

    • You just answered your question, at least I think you did. That means that BlackBerry World will be up there with google play and the services will be included in the next OS just…to keep people from using applications like snap and amazon store.
      People will then open BlackBerry World instead of snap to update their applications.
      Funny thing, a friend of mine recommended an application and the first store I opened was the amazon one not BlackBerry World, sad but true.

      • when you mean services do you mean google play services with the games and apps or blackberry world services?

        • Google play services so applications would work right out of the box at least for now…

          • Nope not going to happen. They have to make the APK’s compatible with Blackberry phones not all android apps work you know for BB10. Plus a BB representative said “I can confirm that there is no planned support for Google Play on BlackBerry,” a BlackBerry representative told CNET. When android devs makes an update they will make a seperate one for BB10 users but still in APK format through BB world. So no Google play services will not be on BB10. Its only on Android services.

      • Or maybe apps that use Google APIs will be not approved to BB World.

        Simple. And no Google-partn etship required.

    • Anthony, you misread this part of the article: “… convert/modify their APK files to BAR files and getting code signing keys…” It’s not talking about making the app fully compatible with BB10. It’s only referring to converting the APK to a BAR file. If the app isn’t compatible with BB10, it won’t be getting in BlackBerry World.

  2. The less Google in my life the better.

  3. Interesting, though I fully agree less Google is better, I did FIND OUT about a possible Google/BBRY partnership.

    Just remember where you 1st heard this from 😉

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