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QNX Shows Off With 13 Partners at CES


QNX has long been a fan favorite in the car category at CES. The latest show is no exception and has them showing off tech at 13 different partners. My buddy Kevin at CrackBerry also sat down with them to check out the new QNX concept cars. Check out the partner list below:

  • voice recognition from Nuance
  • navigation engines from Elektrobit (EB), Kotei Informatics, and HERE
  • automotive processors from Texas Instruments
  • MirrorLink smartphone-to-vehicle connectivity from RealVNC
  • Android Jellybean version of iHeartRadio
  • Demos of a navigation engine from Aisin AW and a digital instrument cluster built with HMI tools from HI Corporation.
  • Elektrobit — Demonstrating a new concept electric vehicle that sports an instrument cluster and infotainment system based on the QNX Neutrino Realtime Operating System.
  • Freescale — Demonstrating the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment on its i.MX 6 Applications Processors for Automotive.
  • Gracenote — Demonstrating how its technology can personalize the in-vehicle music experience, using a system based on the QNX Neutrino OS.
  • NVIDIA — Demonstrating Audi’s newest infotainment system featuring the NVIDIA Tegra processor and the QNX Neutrino OS.
  • Qualcomm — Demonstrating the QNX CAR Platform on Snapdragon Automotive Solutions.
  • Red Bend Software — Demonstrating virtualization technology that runs the QNX CAR Platform and a digital instrument cluster on dual displays driven by a single processor.
  • Texas Instruments — Demonstrating the QNX CAR Platform running on its latest Jacinto processors

Here is the video of the car in action thanks to Kevin along with some more details on the QNX blog:

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  1. We see the seeds, we need the fruits now…

  2. QNX is the best. Keep them coming BBRY.

  3. QNX, a subsidiary of BlackBerry, doesn’t use BlackBerry devices to showcase developing technologies. Classic. BlackBerry, you HAVE to do better!! I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the PlayBook’s OS QNX based??? Why couldn’t they have used a PlayBook to highlight the QNX tech? I know it’s basically off the market, but still. If not a PlayBook, at least use a BB10 device; Z10 or Z30. This oversight (or downright lack of attention) is inexcusable.

    • Because direction of Blackberry hardware products isn’t consumer anymore, it is enterprise. That said, QNX for car is consumer-oriented and it is better to show it off using a product the majority of consumers have (compared to, say, the product portfolio you listed) because people will overlook the notion of “oh, blackberry? hmm, pass” and think “oh, cool, new car software, and works on my [iphone|android|wp8]? tell me more”.

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