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Upcoming BlackBerry 10 Phones to "Predominantly" Have Physical Keyboards According to CEO


BlackBerry’s CEO is having some fun spouting news bites at CES this week. He confirmed to Bloomberg that BlackBerry’s upcoming phones will predominantly have physical keyboards. He told them that “I personally love the keyboards.” He went on to say that “Foxconn can be a really great partner, not only to eliminate my inventory risk, but also their ability to penetrate various different markets, call it the developing and emerging markets.”

What was interesting is that even though the first Foxconn phone is expected to be a touchscreen device the keyboard is going to be coming back strong in the long run.

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  1. That means to me that the next highend phone berry drops will be a keyboard. Which doesnt make sense seeing that the q10 is only a small piece of the pie.

    • No body said anything about having a small screen…
      Torch in my opinion was the best phone I ever had in terms of screen estate and physical keyboard which was a bit small…

      • No, i mean in terms of the pie chart that showed most consumers have a z10. Why release a keyboard high end phone when most people want a z10 style phone. A slider will be the best bet.. if they can make it just right! With that BlackBerry precision and class

        • Again, that doesn’t mean they will make them all square screens. Like I said, torch does have a keyboard and a tall screen so Z10 games should be compatible.

  2. If BlackBerry ever got rid of all touch I would be gone. I’m done with qwertys.

  3. This is disheartening news. Chen might be going a bit too close to BlackBerry’s roots. Small screens for the sake of having a physical keyboard is a large contributor to consumers and developers abandoning BlackBerry in the first place. Going “predominantly keyboard” might be a bad move; the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, last nail in the coffin, a bridge too far, etc. We’ll see in a few months. Enterprise focused or not, you still need developers to make productivity apps. Who’s going to buy a “smartphone” that ONLY does email, text, and calendar functions?

    I hope BB is planning on going into some strategic alliances with major business app developers. That’s not just MS Office and Lotus. They need to get in bed with medical, engineering, and scientific industries. Not only that, they will need to get next to countless consumer markets. Business people shop, too, on and off the clock. Apps that are going to save them time and hassle is what they will be wanting.

    As you can probably tell, I’m not one of the “who needs apps” people, but if BB plans on pretty much abandoning the consumer market, they’d better be stocking up on in-house developers to make some seriously kick-ass native apps that can link and collaborate with those popular third party apps.

  4. Funny that the company with the most touch friendly OS and the best touch keyboard is going to do primarily physical keyboard devices. I understand why, but it is still funny when you think about it.

  5. Im on my 6th torch and when this one is done which is most likely going to be in a month or 2 im going to get another one. I use a Sony Xperia as a second phone to play games and watch netflix etc. I really wish they come out with another slider and bring the buttons at the bottom back. I’ve had the Z10 and the Q10 as second phones but I can’t seem to love either enough to ditch the torch.

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