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Typo Keyboard Responds to BlackBerry Lawsuit Promising to “Defend The Case Vigorously”

Typo Keyboard BlackBerry Q10 keyboard

We told you about BlackBerry’s lawsuit against Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboard on Friday. The Typo Keyboard simply turns the iPhone into a BlackBerry with a keyboard case that looks like it was copied key by key from a Q10. Well over the weekend Typo responded in a statement that:

“We are aware of the lawsuit that Blackberry filed today against Typo Products. Although we respect Blackberry and its intellectual property, we believe that Blackberry’s claims against Typo lack merit and we intend to defend the case vigorously.  We are excited about our innovative keyboard design, which is the culmination of years of development and research.  The Typo keyboard has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from the public.  We are also looking forward to our product launch at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week and remain on track to begin shipping pre-orders at the end of January.”

I highly doubt they will be able to defend this lawsuit but weirder things have happened. Judge for yourself in the pictures above.

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  1. can they still sell it?? while the suit is in action?

    • Your talking about the Apple/Samsung/HTC ect. lawsuits where they banned the products B4 going through a lengthy trial? That was possible because the products were being imported to the US. So it depends on where or not the typo is build in the USA

  2. While it looks similar, there are a couple minor differences in the design. Is it enough to say they copied the design will be left to interpretation by a judge or jury. Unless a settlement is reached of course.

  3. They wouldn’t be the first ones to copy the Bold/Q10 keyboard though.

    If BlackBerry is going after Typo, they should go after ALL of them.

    • Some companies such as Sony for instance, got permission from BBRY to release BBRY style qwerty keyboards. These arrogant pricks did not get permission nor do they plan on paying BBRY some sort of royalties fee. I hope BBRY takes them down and fast. I hate cheaters and copycats.

  4. I guess they never heard of iPhone’s case against Samsung and how they won…oh well, some people just don’t learn the easy way…

  5. Blatant intellectual property theft. Unbelievable.

  6. These guys have a suit filed against them for intellectual property theft, yet are delusional enough and have the audacity to say:

    “We are excited about our innovative keyboard design, which is the culmination of years of development and research.”

    BlackBerry should make an example out of these twats and throw a latte in their face.

    • I am sure they are a little bit flattered but pissed. I wonder if BlackBerry has their own case in development for other platforms…

      • Why didn’t BlackBerry come out with this first? This would have been great for people who want a z10 with a keyboard,but it may make the slider unnecessary.

        • Ugh. I can’t stand to use a keyboard now. I’m on Z10, and when I type on the. Q10 or the 9930, I’m so slow. Seems like a step down to me. But, just my opinion. Those that are use to the keyboard on a phone will find it useable. I hope BlackBerry wins.

  7. Blatant copy comes to mind.

  8. “We are excited about our innovative keyboard design, which is the culmination of years of development and research.”
    This quote from Typo Products is a complete JOKE. There claim about years in development is nonsense. This quote alone should be enough to have them lose. Its a flat out copy of the Q10/BOLD keyboard.

  9. Sealoser will not have the money to win this battle!

  10. Typo should create the same keyboards for Z10 and Z30. I have seen another keyboard for I-Phone that clips on from underneath and slides out to the side. I really need a keyboard for my Z10. Maybe I should ask Typo to consider designing a keyboard for Z10 and Z30 and for the new phone called Jakarta.

    • That will never happen because they are going to lose this law suit. BlackBerry is the only company that can create a BBRY style keyboard for its devices, unless they get licensing fees and such.

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