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Does BlackBerry Have a Plan For Consumers in 2014 Beyond BBM?


BlackBerry’s Interim CEO, John Chen, has been making quite a big splash about his plans to turn around the company and reorganize it. Since the last financials release I have been hearing from quite a few readers asking about John Chen’s plan for consumers in 2014 and beyond. Sadly Chen has yet to say very much about his plans for the prosumer and consumer market beyond BBM and some low end devices coming from Foxconn for emerging markets. Most telling is that Chen’s latest Op-Ed only mentions consumers once when talking about BBM.

So far it seems like BlackBerry has no public plans to market directly to consumers (beyond BBM) in 2014. This may seem like bleak news but there might be a chance of some light at the end of the tunnel. When BlackBerry first started gaining traction in the consumer market they were not marketing their devices to consumers at all. Carriers and consumers were simply enjoying the benefits of an enterprise class productivity device. Over the years BlackBerry added more and more consumer features to the point where BlackBerry 10 was heavily focused on consumers. Now that Chen has decided to reverse that course I am waiting patiently to hear his plans for the millions of regular BlackBerry consumers and prosumers who are not on a BES.

What do you think BlackBerry has planned for consumers and prosumers?

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  1. They have said that they are concentrating on enterprise and prosumers and I have no reason to believe that has changed.

    You’re not likely to see mass marketing to consumers. I think it will have to spread by word of mouth. They need to concentrate on their core market while not abandoning their loyal fans, but there’s no use trying to be all things to all people.

  2. Continue to wow in the enterprise and the consumer part will follow shortly after…

    • One can hope.

      I would still prefer to see a few bucks spent on PROPER marketing (something they hardly ever understand what is).

      • Yeah most people have no clue what BlackBerry 10 is a year after launch

        • And THAT is pretty sad in itself. It really leaves you to wonder what the heck they’re thinking about. We all know BB was a superior product at one time but it’s long past time to stand on their laurels and get to spending some of that cash supply on getting the word out!

          • The only reason I said what I said was because they tried the consumer first and we all know how that turned out…sometimes going back to what you know best still somehow works better than other ideas.
            Consumers never got interested until the enterprise was fully satisfied with Blackberry then, 8100 happened and so on…

  3. Let’s hope they don’t leave the consumers out. Beyond that I have no idea what to expect.

  4. I’ve always been happy with BlackBerry and will continue with it.

  5. I’m sure they plan on marketing to the prosumer, otherwise they would have went private. They need to come up with a cohesive plan that displays the strength of BB10 and stick with it.

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