Smartlet Flips The Smartwatch Concept On Its Head…


I have been using a Pebble smartwatch for a few weeks now and I have to say I am impressed and let down at the same time. The problem with the current batch of smartwatches is that they are all about compromises. You get a very limited subset of features from your phone with the ease and convenience of a watch on your wrist. A friend of mine (and off-and-on BerryReview writer) Dave Soofian, thinks he has a simple yet elegant solution that flips the whole smartwatch concept on its head.


With his new Kickstarter project “Smartlet,” Dave attempts to crack the combination of convenience, style, and security. He has 3D printed a patent-pending unidirectional locking mechanism that simply straps to your wrist with a minimalist band. That way instead of a smartwatch companion you actually have the full capabilities of your phone as the “smartest” of all smartwatches. Dave is starting with an iPhone model but is already dreaming up ways to expand in the future to support other devices. I am trying to convince him to make my red Z10 developer edition work since that would make a sick design.

 Smartlet5 Smartlet3 Smartlet4

I would love to hear your feedback on this concept. Check out the Smartlet Kickstarter project and his website and let me know what you think. Do you currently own a smartwatch? Would you consider buying a BlackBerry Smartlet? Sound off in the comments!

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