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BlackBerry 7 Outselling BlackBerry 10 Almost 3 to 1


This was the most brutal news BlackBerry announced in their financial release today. They stated that they sold 4.3 BlackBerry’s last quarter but only 1.1 million of those were BlackBerry 10. 3.2 million of the 4.3 million were legacy BlackBerry 7 devices that the company is no longer promoting. Not good news…

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  1. This comes as no surprise, the carriers still market OS7 devices page after page. BlackBerry need to step in to guide carriers.

    • This is one of my biggest griefs with BB, the carrier experience. I’ve never had a device provided to me by my employer and the consumer experience with carriers is almost bad enough to be working against BB in my opinion. BB needs to be in the driver seat with OS releases, its BS that AT&T is always a year or two behind (heck I might still be on BB 10, version 9.99 while everyone else is enjoying official 10.1 and 10.2 releases lol). And as for devices, yes, I could possibly see the 9900 still being sold but fact is, BB is no longer supporting OS7 so marketing and sales should at some point be consistent with and reflect that.

  2. Fully agree. People also think BB10 is a minor update from BB7. Obviously not so, and this all has to do with lack of marketing. The For Sale sign also didn’t help much either.

    This new CEO has vision. And with his vision he brings “AWESOME”.

  3. Ronen, If I didn’t know any better, I’d say BlackBerry has stopped promoting Black!erry 10 as well. Please ramp up the promotion BlackBerry; make a part 2 Superbowl commercial, only one that make sense this time.

    • Granted he wasn’t on the job all that long but the previous CMO Frank Boulben didn’t seem to have much of a marking strategy for BB10, or it certainly wasn’t implemented that successfully.

  4. yeah it seems like they have already made the move past the consumer market

    • I think they missed the Christmas Season for some major BB10 marketing muscle. This has a lot to do with the change in management. I am confident the new CEO will. Other only target enterprise marketing but also consumer, because most of its sales is in the consumer space.

  5. As much as I like my Z10 (and I do, surprisingly since I was a QWERTY guy), I have to admit that I miss the email experience that was BIS. I’m not exactly sure what is different, if BB10 is true push but my email doesn’t reconcile quite as well as it did on my 9900 and for me, its been noticeable. In the past, my yahoo/gmail emails read were marked read when I logged in on my pc, deleted, moved, etc. Now it seems either much slower or inconsistent.

  6. When I went into my local at&t store to buy the Q10 last week; not only did the person at the store say I was making a big mistake by getting it, he claims its the first one he’s ever sold.
    I still have the chance to return this phone and go back to my 9900; while the Q10 has some badly needed features added to it, thigs that should have been added years ago, in many ways its still severely lacking (and its the small features that are missing which kill me the most),
    In so many ways I like the 9900 better. I don’t really know if im going to keep this new phone or not. To return this phone means I’m basically giving up on BB after many years, but besides a full qwerty keyboard the q10 has almost nothing going for it (I’d pick up a Iphone or a android phone with a full keyboard if AT&T only offered one)….. There is a significant chance that buy this time next week I’ll just pay the restocking fee and go back to my trusty 9900. If I do keep it, the ONLY reason would be that I want a more modern phone with a qwerty keyboard.
    As far as the general public; why would they ever buy a BB when a droid or Iphone does (practically) everything the BB does and so much more? It’s a shame, I hope there’s a lesson to be learned here on how to NOT run a company.

  7. Jay your above comment is complete BS.
    You have it backwards, BB10 is superior than iOS and Android. The original BB10 release required updating which is common with a new mobile platform. The original iOS release for example was junk. BB10 in its infancy was 100x better.

    BB10.2 is awesome, and with each and every update it gets better. Android and iOS don’t have the ability nor the OS technology to out due BB10.

    So your AT&T story is BS. People I spoke to at AT&T state the opposite. the only issue they have with BB10 devices is people don’t know BBRY has a new OS. Fix the marketing and pricing and BB10 will grow.

    • Absolutely! Even if BlackBerry is moving towards enterprise space, they must still must their marketing dramatically.

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