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How Much Are You Paying in Cellphone Taxes & Surcharges?

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I had a little revelation last night when I was comparing my families cell phone bill on AT&T with my parents Verizon bill. I have become so desensitized to AT&T charging me almost $10 in taxes and surcharges PER LINE, and increasingly raising the “surcharges”, that I could not imagine anything else. It turns out that Verizon has only about $3 per line in surcharges on a shared data plan. While AT&T & Verizon plans might be comparable this is one little detail AT&T likes to sweep under the rug.

With that said I thought I would ask all of you how much you are paying in taxes, surcharges, recovery fees, etc on your carrier. Report back in the comments with your carrier/country and how much you are paying per line.

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  1. tmobile usa, 10 bucks

  2. Vodafone Netherlands, no surcharges, normal 21% VAT.

  3. It seems billing in general is a rip off with all the extra fees. Here in Canada its brutal, bad enough we pay a lot of money for mobile plans with garbage data plans.

    • It really depends on your carrier and your plan. Fido, Wind, Virgin (amoung others) all have good plans and deals – especially right now during xmas. If you’ve got an iPhone – that’s probably why you are complaining about paying lots of money with brutal data. There’s no need to say that it’s bad in Canada – you have it bad so maybe you should look around for a better deal

  4. I’ve got three lines; two BlackBerry data plans and one “dumb” phone which cost us $192 a month on ATT. As for taxes/fees I’ll have to pull out the bills at the office and see. I’ve always thought it was pretty high, though.

  5. 13 for the first line and 7 for the second, average 10 each.

  6. Two Verizon “lines” – $13.70. (“Verizon Wireless Surcharges” = $6.38 and “Taxes, Governmental Surcharges and Fees” = $7.32)

  7. Wow so I’m getting fleeced by AT&T

  8. Just federal and provincial sales taxes on my bill (in Canada with Rogers). Used to pay all those charges but they are now all in my package and I have a pretty good one and cheaper than it was before.

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