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BES 10 Cloud is Being Renamed to BlackBerry Unite – Gold Candidate in Testing


It looks like the marketing department at BlackBerry got a hold of the BES 10 Cloud program and deemed that it needed a vague and less descriptive name. We just heard from a source that BlackBerry is renaming the BlackBerry Enterprise Service in the Cloud to simply BlackBerry Unite. The funny part is that BlackBerry killed a [email protected]$$ed but promising project called “BlackBerry Unite” back in 2009 which makes me wondering what they are thinking. Why reuse the name of a failed product and one that does not describe what they are offering?

We also heard that the BES 10 cloud Unite service is now in Gold Candidate testing so it should be launching shortly for GA.

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  1. Ok that’s stupid. I REALY hope this rumor is wrong.
    People recognise the term “cloud” WTH is “unite”? and how does it describe the product?

  2. I would have to agree with BBPandy on this one, “Unite” does not sound right at all. I would rather prefer “”BlackBerry Cloud”” or BES10 Cloud. They must have the term “Cloud” in the name to better define the product and catch peoples attention that are interested in “Cloud” based services.

    BlackBerry Unite? They are going to just pass it up, because it does not give a proper imidiate description. That’s the issue.

  3. Oh God. Just make it as simple as possible. BlackBerry Cloud. Can they get anything right this year?

  4. Unite maybe a more appropriate term for uniting iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Cloud??? I’m not sure what unite has anything to do with it but you never know, the craziest things what were destined to flop, passed with flying colors before…

  5. Probably part of the reason why their share price dropped below $6

  6. The share price dropping is a different story.
    People keep forgetting BBRY’s stock did not drop below $6 on the Canadian Stock Exchange.
    BlackBerry Ltd (BB.TO) -Toronto
    6.28 Up 0.03(0.48%) 1:55PM EST

    BlackBerry Limited (BBRY) -NasdaqGS
    5.89 Down 0.01(0.08%)

  7. I would stick to something Cloud IMO. How about Cloud Unite?
    Unite just doesn’t sound right. Perhaps BBRY has something going, where this name will make sense after a suppose announcement? We shall see.

  8. While I understand the whole idea of uniting operating systems under one management system, the name should right away let the user know what the product is about.

    Now if the Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 was renamed to Blackberry Unite and there was a hosted version of Blackberry Unite Could then that would make sense but to take away the iconic and most widely known and recognized name such as Blackberry Enterprise Service(server) and replace that would be a mistake. Everyone knows what BES is and everyone knows what Cloud is right from the words itself. No one will know what Unite is.

    Blackberry Enterprise Service 10
    Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 Cloud

    OR if they are set on using the words unite then

    BES10 Unite
    BES10 Unite Cloud

    im thinking the problem is that people see BES and think only blackberry right away where as Unite they may think all devices

  9. Ronan, my official BlackBerry contact (FR) denied this info is valid. You may want to double check ?

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