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Samsung Knox Enterprise Security Plagued With "Delays & Programming Bugs"

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When Samsung announced their Knox enterprise solution they were hoping to compete head to head with BlackBerry and give Android a better shot in the enterprise market. So far that plan seems to be struggling to even get 200 people to beta test the software solution. The Wall Street Journal (direct) is reporting that Knox has been “beset by delays and programming bugs frustrating clients including the US department of defense.” Supposedly this is all caused by Samsung trying to “change their DNA” from a device business to a service business. So far the Knox sales have been below a million dollars and there are only about 200 Know pilot programs being run by companies and government agencies in the US compared to BlackBerrys 30,000 BES 10 installations or pilots worldwide.

The Galaxy S4 earlier this year was supposed to ship with Knox but it was full of inadequate security issues and bugs. It also costs enterprises $3.60/month to use. Supposedly the NSA and DoD have been “frustrated” by Samsungs failure to perform. The WSJ got the following statement from BlackBerry about Samsungs woes:

"Untested and unproven mobile solutions such as Samsung Knox…can be risky and can potentially pose threats to enterprises," Stephen Bates – BlackBerry exec in charge of enterprise sales

The funny part is the Samsung exec in charge of enterprise sales is a former BlackBerry sales exec. The thing that worries me is that BlackBerry has been letting the competition eat their lunch and catch up in the enterprise. They really need to stop trying to compete and come out with differentiating features for BES 10 ASAP.

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  1. Fully agree with the last statement. BBRY needs to continue to be unique and go forward with strong innovations.

  2. Oh, by the way Sammy’s Knox is a joke lol.

  3. That’s what I call free ads for BlackBerry.

  4. This is funny, knox continues to be a big fat joke IMO, or is it my opinion lol.

  5. The big problem is that BES is not doing much better on Android in terms of device management, mostly due to the limited APIs available.
    Now since Samsung is the manufacturers with most Androids out there, they can plug that whole by including everything they need in their ROM.
    What is BlackBerry going to do then?
    Good thing they’re on their way to license BlackBerry to Android manufacturers. Best to have BB10 from the start, with an Android VM than an Android ROM modified to try and be secure enough.

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