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Why Sent Messages "Quickly Disappear and Reappear" After Sending on BlackBerry 10

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One of the many things that has bothered my visually in BlackBerry 10 is how sent messages are handled. When you send a message from an activesync or IMAP enabled account on BlackBerry 10 you will see the sent message appear then disappear then appear again. It turns out that BlackBerry actually intended this annoying visualization since BlackBerry 10 is deleting and then recreating the sent message and displaying the process in the hub.

That means that every time you send a message it goes through the following steps:

  1. Message is sent and the sent item shows the radio wave icon to indicate the message is pending to be sent.
  2. Message gets a check mark to indicate the messages is successfully sent.
  3. The sent item disappears from the hub.
  4. The sent item reappears in the BlackBerry Hub a short time later, and may not appear in the same order as initially displayed.

I really hope they fix this in future builds. I just hate how it makes my list of emails jump right before I want to click on the next email.

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  1. Definitely does not happen on my phone. Nothing disappears then re=appears.

  2. Agreed. I do the exact thing and end up tapping on the wrong message because of the jumping around.

  3. Don’t notice it on mine either. It shows up in the same order whether I send from my computer or from my phone.

    1. Radio Wave Icon
    2. Tick mark that it’s sent right after.

    Never had a message disappear after the above and than reappear in a different order.

  4. I’ve never seen it on either the Z10 or the Z30!

  5. Hi, I have had my q10 for almost a year and it has just started this behaviour after an update, however my sent emails are disappearing and not coming back, so it looks like it’s not been sent and hence I don’t know if it’s been received. Anyone got any ideas about this? And yes, all settings are on for sent mail to be shown.

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