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Buy This! BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Charger as Low as $3.99 Shipped on Amazon

Amazon Premium Charger 

In case you don’t know the BlackBerry Premium Charger for the PlayBook is the BEST BlackBerry charger out there. We have covered it many times before and it will charge your BlackBerry 10 device MORE THAN TWICE as fast as your stock charger. The regular BlackBerry 10 charger only pushes out 750mAh or 800mAh while the premium BlackBerry charger pushes out 1.8Ah (aka 1800mAh). BlackBerry has clearly said over and over again that you can and should use this charger though they still have yet to upgrade the stock charger to this model.

Jerry pointed out to me (via Sandman on CrackBerry) that there is a blowout sale going on for these BlackBerry chargers on Amazon. You can find them for as low as $3.99 shipped from multiple Amazon sellers with free shipping. Amazon itself is charging $6.50 for the charger with prime shipping which is also not bad.

I HIGHLY recommend replacing all your BlackBerry chargers with this model. You will love how fast it brings your device to a full charge. It even works on other devices that can handle higher currents like many Android devices.

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  1. Shipping is like $30 if you do not live in the US or some sellers do not ship internationally. I live in Canada 🙁

  2. This charger killed 2 of my z10’s. Do not recommend.

  3. BlackBerry made me send my charger to them for diagnostic testing.

  4. It was an excellent charger, but it blew up both of mine. One took 3 days the other took 6 months.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. Had some issues with the first charger that came with my PlayBook so now I will order 2. At this price I can’t go wrong and should last me for the life of my 9900 and tablet.

  6. These chargers are great. I have 5. I like how they charge all devices that fast. Actually have seen Android users buy one after they use mine. Wish they could do this to a car chargerbb

  7. Picked up a couple. Wasn’t clear from the particular supplier if it comes with a cable or not, I’ll find out tomorrow.

    Also, people need to understand something. This thing is CAPABLE of putting out higher current than the standard charger, it doesn’t mean it is ALWAYS putting out 1.8A. That isn’t how current works. Voltage is constant, but current is drawn from the source. So your device will draw from a charger whatever current it is designed to draw, up to the max the charger can supply.

  8. Mine wasn’t fake. It came with my playbook. I used it on all my berries (z10, 9900) but unfortunatly the z10 couldnt handle it.

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