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US Army DISA Expects Majority of Officers to Switch to Android & iOS

US Army BlackBerry

This is some really bad news for BlackBerry from one of their most stalwart customers. The Army currently has about 100,000 government issued phones and about 70,000 of them are BlackBerrys issued to senior officers. Lt. Col. Ed Mattison, Army CIO/G-6 cyber security directorate and mobility technical lead, stated that there will be no “top down orders” to switch from one device to another and it will be up to each individual command to make the decision.

Here is the gist according to National Defense Magazine:

Come Jan. 1, those in the Army who want to make the switch from the current legacy BlackBerry devices to the new BlackBerry10 will be able to do so when new servers come online. However, on the same day, an 18-month pilot program that had about 3,500 Android and iOS enabled devices will be transitioning to initial operating capability and will be able to support some 50,000 non-BlackBerry phones.

In other words just as BlackBerry 10 support comes live they will be opening up the doors to iOS and Android devices. Mattison went on to say that:

"DISA is a customer focused organization so as long as their customers want BlackBerry services, it will continue to provide them,"

On the other hand he put out the dire prediction that:

"We expect over the next several years that the majority of users that are currently using BlackBerrys will migrate to an iOS or Android device and they will leave the BlackBerry service and go to the new DISA mobility service," he said. Some commands are taking that option right away. One will be switching its 10,000 BlackBerry devices to Androids on Jan. 1, Mattison said.

BlackBerry better be out there convincing commands that the BlackBerry 10 devices are nothing like the legacy devices officers currently have…

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  1. Ouch

    Clearly BlackBerry needs to sell them harder on the benefit of Z10/Q10 dual work/personal modes.

    • DISA is already running a proven high-security containerization environment for iOS and Android devices (Good, not that Fixmo junk.) First and foremost, people want great devices backed by a great variety of apps. BlackBerry has neither, which is why they are all but dead.

  2. Talk about a death cycle…everytime they start getting new customers they loose more….sheh.

  3. As a committed Blackberry user, I believe BB has forgotten the US to the point where we are almost last in receiving everything that BB releases. The Z30 was released in September. Other countries had it after the release. Why not the US? Furthermore, BB has not once thought about releasing their new Z30 for the American consumer to purchase on their site. Instead, they sell the old versions and rely on the carrier to promote their Z30. For now, that’s only Verizon. Sometimes I get the feeling the BB wants to fail. I’ve been waiting for the Z30 for months and nothing, whereas Apple released their phones to the US within a matter of days after it’s release. I don’t get it. Like the military, maybe it’s time that I move on to another brand.

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