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Updated: 1Mobile Can Update & Manage Your Android Apps on BlackBerry 10

Update: Sorry guys I jumped the gun. Turns out you cannot update apps that you installed through BlackBerry World. It errors out.

IMG_00000418 IMG_00000419

We forgot to mention in our previous post about 1Mobile that they have a key feature that is HUGE for Android apps on BlackBerry 10. 1Mobile scans all of the Android apps on your BlackBerry 10.2.1+ device and tells you if it has updates available in their system. This includes not only the apps you install through 1Mobile but also apps you have sideloaded or even downloaded from BlackBerry World. Pretty crazy right? They have an impressive catalog of vetted apps and a large portion of them work on BlackBerry 10.

Check out 1Mobile for yourself if you have BlackBerry OS 10.2.1+. I highly recommend it.

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  1. What about apps from bb world. Does it notify updates for that?

  2. And from a website that is telling you that you have 3 viruses… I don’t know something smells fishy here!

  3. Just remember that 1Mobile isn’t that smart and might not know that there is a good reason why you don’t want to update. Two examples to keep in mind:

    • Google Maps. For whatever reason, AFAIK 7.4 just won’t work but 7.3 works great. Don’t get too happy on the update button for that one.
    • Some APKs still require some hacking to get working. Maps might be an example of that if you are using some of the methods posted the other day from moneytoo @ Crackberry. If you update to the next version of the official app, your hack will get overwritten.
  4. Uh oh. I can update sideloaded apps this way but anytime I try to update an app that I downloaded from BB World, I get this screen:

  5. BTW, Ronen,
    I think this is still a very significant find. Because we can now manage our Android apps independently, the ability of 1Mobile to show updates to BB World-downloaded apps will help expose those ports where the developer might have just thrown in a token version to say they have a BB version and walked away (ehem… Waze, משהו בבית?) It allows us to say “to heck with you and your outdated BB World Android port, I’ll keep myself up to date with the real Android app.” I just did this yesterday with Waze and some others.

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