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Cool new Lock Screen security option in latest leak

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One of the cool new features I recently discovered in the latest leak (now that it has finally been made available for my Z10) is a picture-based security code, called Picture Password. You choose from a variety of different pictures and you choose one digit. The “code” is the placement of that digit in an exact area of your choosing on the picture, as illustrated below. It definitely does take some time to get used to and get right. At first, I didn’t really see the point of this new option but then I realized what this has over numeric/alpha codes and patterns. The number grid can be moved around by dragging any part of the image. So someone could be staring right at your screen as you unlock it and still have no idea what your code is.


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  1. Nice, I figure that same password that’s kinda obscure is what BlackBerry link requires for a connection as well.

    • Actually, no. This feature does not replace your device password. It is simply a “Lock Screen” feature. So when you hook up the BB via USB, you still get prompted for your regular alpha or numeric password.

  2. I’ve been using this since the weekend when I installed 10.2.1 and I love it !
    Unlike a normale password who anyone looking over your shoulder can simply see, if you don’t know the chosen number or where it has been placed on the screen, you simply can’t get into the device.

    Just as a note for anyone using it, I have pretty fat fingers, so when I slide the actual number to the place I have chosen I sometimes can’t see exactly where it has ended up and I can’t get in to the phone. What I worked out (genious me 😉 ) is that you can drag on any part of the screen, as long as the correct number ends up in the correct place when you release the screen, it will unlock


    • This ingenious, but I don’t know how big the picture is. It must be so large that no one can just accidentally unlock your password by playing with the photo on the lock screen.

      • The picture is the size of the screen (I have a Z10). You can chose any picture that’s stored on the device, but the number location which you slide around (it’s a 7 digit by 9 digit grid) is random so even if you slide the correct number into the correct location once, the same number will have to be moved from a different location the next times.

        It can just be seen as a gimmick, buy I think it’s ingenious


  3. Not sure how many of you out there are Revenge fans but when I discovered this feature, I couldn’t help but think of this scene from last week’s episode. If only she had a BB10.2.1 device with picture password, that never would have happened!

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