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BlackBerry Z50 and Q30 Rumored for Second Half of 2014

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BlackBerry just released the Z30 and we have already heard about the low end C-series but the rumor mill keeps on spinning! The latest are even more rumors about upcoming flagship BlackBerrys from Ctech. The first is a Z50 which supposedly has a 5.2 inch screen in full 1080P HD glory and a quad core processor. We have already seen signs of such a device in the latest BlackBerry 10 leaks but now this rumor is pointing towards a Q3 2014 launch.

The other device is a follow up to the Q10 which is being dubbed the Q30 which is rumored to have a Q2 2014 launch. It is supposed to have a processor in the 2Ghz range but not much more is known. It may even possibly be the 1440×1440 device we have been seeing in config files but supposedly that one has a virtual keyboard so no idea… Either way it is fun to dream up what is coming next!

via BBin, Ctech, MobileSyrup, PhoneArena

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  1. This seems like just made up fluff… Nonsense actually. I’m not buying any of these until we get a decent leak. So with 1080p resolution, older software will not be supported? Hating this Z10 more and more…

    • Hey there Mr Imposter… I see you are still using my nick. Well whatever. BB10 is going to be amazing. I have a good feeling about these devices if they turn out to be true. BB still has a lot of fight in them! Go back to your bridge troll! Hah

      • Wow! Now I have 2 imposters! Well its now time to change my nick I guess… Because we have now 2 internet morons using somebody elses nick! Wow! Get a life!

        And I still love my Z10 but as long as the rest of management doesn’t change, I’m not buying any other BB product.

        I hope for the best for BB since I know BB10 has a lot of potential… But having potential is not gonna cut it in this industry. It needs to be fully unleash… and soon!

        • Sorry guys, just had a bad day.. Got caught in the rain that’s all. I still love my Z30 definitely. Disregard my comment. I seem to have these episodes where I have outbursts online. Sorry! Love BB10! The new management is so gonna kick ass 😀

          • Hahahaha what is going on here??

            • Whats going on is that unfortunately internet morons who have no life like to be funny online. Therefore if you dont register they duplicate your nick and act as if it was yourself. Kind of funny in a sense… But still does not take out my previous comment! lolll

              When Mr. Chen will change the surrent management, thats when I’ll start believing again. Oh and by the way, even tho Z30 looks pretty good, im not putting one more dime into BB. Still love my Z10 tho

              • Hey imposter… stop trying to be a moral compass here. Its really ironic considering you’re the one who is stealing nicks here.. smh… you’re a joke really.. Please disappear and leave my nick alone. Thank you very much.

                • HAHAHAHA! LMAO! The internet moron is sensitive now… Whose a joke? You… sure you are! And while u at it, B Eazy internet moron! You wouldn’t want your momma to kick u out of her basement and force you to find yourself a job! lolllll

  2. Come on guys just register already. That way it will differentiate you. Also I only posted this because most of it is confirmed by configuration files in the latest leaks

  3. I hope they add a dedicated camera shutter button. Also, it’d be awesome if they made the Q30 with a longer bigger screen.

  4. B-Easy – Guys knock it off or I will simply blacklist the name

  5. Love my Z30! Bring it BB!

  6. My wife and I just got new BlackBerry z30s and we can’t put them down! Goodbye IPhone at long last I can actually make a phone call. This phone has it all.

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