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IDC Claims BlackBerry Sales Dropped 50% in India – BlackBerry Refutes Claim

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There is an interesting stir happening in India today between IDC and BlackBerry. IDC claims that BlackBerry has shipped only 68,000 phones to sellers from July to September. That number is down from 150,000 units in the previous quarter and 152,000 from the same quarter last year. BlackBerry has disputed those numbers in the Times of India by stating that:

This data is factually incorrect. BlackBerry does not break our overall sales numbers by country, but we can confirm that our sell-out was significantly higher than the number quoted by you. IDC captures sell-in numbers only, and is not a true reflection of actual sales-out to end customers.

Furthermore, in Q3, we had only two BlackBerry 10 products in market namely Z10 and Q10, both of which were in the plus Rs 40,000 price category. Our Q5 and BlackBerry 9720 launches took place later in that quarter and hence is not an accurate measure of sales figures through a complete quarter.

In other words something is going on. Personally it looks like the older Z10 and Q10 are still in channel and the sellers might not be jumping on the Q5 and older 9720 until the end of the quarter. Either way not the best or worst news. Some similar conflicting news is also coming out of Africa with some heavy internet usage by BlackBerry users and BlackBerry supposedly tripling their sales in Australia.

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  1. More nonsense BlackBerry bashing by these companies that take numbers out of Thin Air and make them out as facts.

    By the way, this Site runs TERRIBLY SLOW on my Playbook, yet N4BB, CB and other sites are fast. The typing speed is exhaustively SLOW. Other sites are realtime fast.

  2. I have tried having BlackBerry devs look at it but they could not explain to me why its slow on the PlayBook. Its the only device it does this on. I am still trying to dig into it but it seems like the PlayBook browser just does not like JavaScript. That is why we used to have a tablet version of the site but its not up to date.

    Let me see what I can do.

  3. This site also runs slow on my PlayBook for some reason. Is there a PlayBook app so I can use?

    Also this IMO is nothing but more BlackBerry bashing going on here. Releasing unconfirmed results. Even StatCounter via Mobile OS shows BlackBerry gained market share in Africa and even in the UK and USA. Its a slow but steady increase.

    To compare, in North America alone, WP8 has already flopped big time.

  4. Im really sorry guys. I wish I could find out why. I pulled in three BlackBerry devs who work on the browser and they could not figure it out a few months back. I will try again…

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