Review: Snugg Smart Pouch Case for BlackBerry Z10



I have been looking for a protective case for my Z10 for a long time. The folks at Snugg offered this case for review and I have been loving it since it arrived. I have always liked the pouch style cases for my previous BlackBerry devices as they provide great protection and are not too bulky. The Snugg Smart Pouch case takes things a few steps further than your standard pouch case.

As you can see from the picture above, there is a pull tab which makes fighting to get your device out of the pouch a thing of the past. The Z10 fits ‘snugg’ly into the pouch with only the top edge exposed. The pull tab on the back of the case stays put with a magnet that sticks it down so it’s not flopping around all the time. To remove your device, hold the case in one hand and pull the tab up with the other.



I mentioned the pull tab being on the back of the case because this side is meant to be the back. If you put your device in the other way, it will not put it to sleep. An interesting point I only figured out after a day of use. I actually like having a set front and back so I always know where the front will be when I pull it out. The case I chose is made of distressed brown PU leather on the outside and brown nubuck fiber on the inside.



On the front of the case, there is a second pocket for cards. My first concern was the case was too long and I would have to dig my cards out from the bottom. This concern was quickly resolved when I put in a card and found there is a pocket within the pocket that stops the card and lets it rest where it is easily accessible. The bottom of the small pocket is right in the middle of the first ‘g’ in Snugg. I am not one to keep cards in a case as I don’t like to have all of my valuables in one, easy to lose place. But for those who like to carry cards with their device, this will surely be a useful feature.

Overall, this case is very well constructed and extremely useful. A few people have stopped to ask about the case after seeing me magically raise my Z10 up out of it. My only concern is that it is not made of genuine leather and the spot right above the pull tab where the ribbon rubs against the case is beginning to show signs of minor wear.

The Smart Pouch Case is also available in Black and Tan Suede flavors. Prices range from $18.99 to $24.99, which is a great price for a case of this caliber. Grab one from one of the links below and let us know how you like it!

Canadians can check out these cases here.

Americans can go here to check them out. 

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