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Updated: Is Google Play Store Landing on BlackBerry 10.2.1?

Update: As far as I know this has been confirmed as a hoax. Sorry guys!

1Well to say there haven’t been some fueled discussions about this in some of my groups would be a lie.  From the optimist who wants to see this land on the BlackBerry 10 platform, to the other who don;t believe it will ever happen.  Not to mention the huge security risks.

With the release of the 102.1 OS update which is supposedly in internal testing with a new Android Runtime, the Google Play Store will be installable on the OS, and would allow the everyday users access to a plethora of Android apps.  Making sideloading obsolete.

Now please take this and these images with a grain of salt.  This is all in rumour status right now.  As we have seen in the past, developers make fake apps to get hype in the community.

Please chime in below and let us know how you feel about this.  Is it a cop out because developers do not see the value of developing native apps for BlackBerry 10? Or is is BlackBerry working to complete a promise? Would you rather just have an Android device if you wanted Android?

Here are a few more screen shots

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  1. “If it happens”, I don’t see it as an issue. For security or future development. Contained in the runtime, I think it’ll be safe. I believe BlackBerry would not allow the security to go out the Window. Why not just run Android at that point. With regards to development. If the Runtime is as smooth as people are saying. Indeed as smooth as it is now. That’s great. Allow all the apps to come. Reduce the need for duplication. Developers Know that if they build native BlackBerry users will chose native first. This allows BB10 Development to focus on the emerging needs of the platform. I see this a good thing for Google as well. They are a services first company. Getting their services on BlackBerry won’t hurt. Might even help slow Microsoft and Apple. Let’s not forget Microsoft prolly makes more off Android then Google does. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  2. I honestly think that bringing Google play to BB10 is a mistake on the business front. I’ll explain:

    By allowing Google play in it will encourage people to get their apps through Google play store. This could have huge impacts on BlackBerry world traffic to the point of undercutting their own app store. Even worst, people when buying apps from the Google play store will not be bringing any revenue to BlackBerry since it will go to Google. Traffic statistics are gonna be favorable to Google play store and not BlackBerry world. I do not see any security issues since it stays within the contained runtime and it will definitely be an advantage to consumer but I still have some reserve on that cause it might confuse others.

    Now what I think BlackBerry should do instead, is to allow devs to bring their Android apps into BlackBerry world as is with the APK file without needing to convert and to be installed directly in the run time. That way, BlackBerry still collect their shares of money from paid apps and can boost their ecosystem stats through BlackBerry world.

    I just think if they bring google play store much less devs will be interested to make native apps and even less to convert and submit them through app world!

    As I stated, on a pure business set point, on the long run, its a mistake! And by doing this I have a bad impression that BlackBerry might align themselfs to adopt Android as their OS… plz tell me this wont happen!!!

    • a lot of people are not buying BB phones “in usa”, because of the Apps! Ex: Mobile Banking Apps – instagram ….. Having the Google Play Store on BlackBerry 10.2.1 would solve the problem!!!!
      Having the security of BB phones and being able to run all those Anroid Apps, is a good combination. The same as cross platform BBM. This might even bring some Android users over to BB!

    • Theres only about 60million bb phones (estimated from bbm active users) so there’s not much revenue coming in from app world, no loss to blackberry. If android apps can push sales of the devices then there’s more revenue from hardware. With less than 100 m it’s also not exactly lucrative to google. If BN phones sell then it’s win win for all – blackberry, google, developers. For google it may check apple and Samsung growth. Better for google not to rely on Samsung as the only contributor to android.

  3. I’m probably one of the few but I am more purest and figure if someone wants Android just get an Android device but then who am I.

  4. Let me add, BlackBerry should actually work on fixing BlackBerry world instead of bringing Google play store! (why is google play store able to have a totally seperate sections for books and BlackBerry still cant get this right? Books are not apps! BlackBerry freaking fix it!) I think they are just being lazy and the repercussions will hurt them even more and push them towards adopting Android OS… which is not good news in my book! 🙁

    • They’re not lazy 🙂 There is a ton of work to do and work is being done to bring new functionality to BB10. Folks forget that BB10 is less than 10 months old and still evolving rapidly!

      I do agree that there should have been a category for books in BBW, and I really vote for a deal with Kobo or B&N. I refer Kobo because I already have a Kobo account on my Z10 and I love it.

  5. Bring Google Play to BlackBerry. This would immediately shut up a huge number of naysayers, provide BlackBerrry users with an instant selection of apps they’ve only dreamed of, and well, make their phone more useful. If enterprise and business users don’t want it, let THEM decide to block it. Also, wouldn’t BlackBerry Balance prevent any risk from Android apps?

  6. Cross platform BBM, PlayStore…keep it coming.

  7. this would be the end for native BB10 developers. how the hell do they compete.

    BlackBerry should not even bother with Android and fix their own problems first like upgrading the OS and release a better SDK.

    • Jojo,

      There are no BlackBerry BB10 developers. THAT is the problem. Take out S4BB and their thousands upon thousands of useless apps…. you got nothing.

  8. If this happens what would be the point in buying BlackBerry? Security? Consumers don’t care, and the people that do, businesses, don’t care about apps. What apps does BlackBerry 10 lack? Even if BlackBerry had the same apps as Android or iOS people still wouldn’t buy a BlackBerry. Blackberry’s aren’t cool. BlackBerry needs to spend some of their cash on marketing.

    • The problem is that most consumers don’t see the point of buying a BlackBerry NOW, and this is largely BECAUSE of the lack of apps.

      BlackBerry has literally NOTHING to lose by doing this, and everything to gain.

    • What apps does BlackBerry 10 lack? Are you serious? Look, if YOU don’t want to install Android apps on your phone, and would rather have no apps, that’s YOUR choice. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is not buying BlackBerrys precisely because of the lack of apps. Right now, the only thing keeping my PlayBook going is that I have sideloaded a ton of Android apps on it. For the average user, that is beyond their abilities. Opening up the Google Play store solves that problem.
      For enterprise and business users, if the IT department doesn’t want Google Play on the phone, they have the ability to block it.

  9. Not going to happen unless Blackberry gets a piece of the app revenue. Blackberry is not going to feed Google free business, just not going to happen. The app store generates a lot of cash for Blackberry.

    • I would be interested in seeing just how much money the app store generates in terms of cash for Blackberry. But I suspect that it’s next to nothing compared to the amount of money Blackberry would stand to gain by consumers actually buying their products – as opposed to completely ignoring them as what is occurring now. Google Play rectifies Blackberry’s Achilles’ heel – their lack of apps; their lack of quality apps; their lack of name-brand apps. Blackberry is known, rightly or wrongly (it’s irrelevant actually), as the phone that doesn’t do anything because it has no apps. Google Play wipes that criticism away. Now, you have a solid product, built to Blackberry’s standards, and able to access any application that you may want. That is a win-win for Blackberry. So I believe that this will happen and that they will earn more money from increased phone sales compared to whatever little they loose to Google.

      • IT DOESNT MATTER HOW MUCH IT BRINGS IN!!! Once it grows to where it should be the cash will be there. All businesses are looking for Recurring fees. Those comes from apps and advertisements as well as services. Selling hardware to make a profit is a bonus and can not be the main source of revenue which is the reason why BB is where they are currently.

        Therefore, I dont believe BB is dumb enough to let all app revenue go to Google. That would just be a repetitivity of bad decision making BB has been doing til now.

        • If you are not selling any phone, you aren’t selling any apps. How much do you think Samsung gets from Google Play? They seem to be doing quite well.

          • BB is NOT Samsung! We do not have the same budget to inject in marketing! Thats why Samsung sales so many phone as well as their portfolio diversification to serve low, mid and high end markets. Also we do not have the supply chain Samsung has, capacity, etc.

            Please do not compare samsung to BB. They are not in the same league at all and never will be!

  10. Don’t see it as a cop out. I see it as an answer to those who want more apps, especially Android apps. Certainly it opens the door to huge security concerns, but if BBRY can isolate Android app permission requests that will make it easier to swallow. Otherwise, it becomes a “play at your own risk” affair.

    I’m more than happy with the apps currently in BB World, and if this pans out, I will support it for the masses who want it, but personally, I will be very selective with the apps I install.

  11. I certainly hope parental permissions and BES restrictions will apply here. I certainly don’t want my kids downloading R-rated apps without restrictions on their BB10 phones. Also, some businesses & government may not want the risks that Google Play will bring.

  12. I think if BB allows GP store it would even expand their business bcoz the BBW isn’t quite favourable to the users. So by having G P store my device will a formidable one.

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