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BlackBerry Wants Devs To Hook Into BlackBerry ID Service – Multiple Device Support?

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I was really excited when I saw BlackBerry add the BlackBerry Identity Service Library in OS 10.2. At launch this only supports BlackBerry ID but in the future it will support multiple identities and allow developers to easily hook into them. Currently developers can use your BlackBerry ID to automatically log you into their app and avoid yet another username and password. That way they can do things like store your settings based on your BBID and get your name all without signing in. This is how BlackBerry breaks down its current uses:

  • BlackBerry® ID is an identity service which gives customers convenient access to multiple BlackBerry products, services and applications using one login
    • Allows apps to perform authentication using the users BlackBerry ID instead of prompting the user for multiple credentials.
  • BlackBerry Profile: Allows access to off-device secure encrypted storage
    • Allows the same app, installed on multiple devices access to the same information
    • Allows apps written by the same vendor to sync and share some vendor-specific data associated with the user.
  • Storage is accessible remotely from all BlackBerry 10 devices logged in with the same BlackBerry ID

This means that BlackBerry is allowing developers to store some data about you in the BlackBerry ID cloud to share between multiple devices (see a trend here?). My guess is that they are building the platform for multiple device support for one BBID on multiple devices shared by one user. Until then it also allows devs to easily authenticate you and securely store data. Personally I am waiting for BlackBerry to use their own ID service to backup my BlackBerry 10 settings to the BBID cloud.

Until then BlackBerry has thankfully also put up some sample code for the ID service at the links below and some details in their announcement.

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  1. Now that sounds like a great thing to have!

    Can we have BBM running simultaneously on multiple devices with the same BBID next? 😉

    • Sweeet!! I’m using a Q10, a PlayBook, and a Z10 right now all under the same BBID. I would love to be able to pick up each device and have the experience I just left on the previous device (ie. BBM from my Q10 and continue the dialogue on my Z10).

  2. Thats what I want

  3. This has huge potential for BB 🙂

  4. I guess my posts are being moderated now. I’ll give up.

  5. Nice to hear from u.keep in touch.

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