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BBM & WhatsApp Start Calling Each Other Out As Competition Heats Up

Update: That WhatsApp Facebook page turns out to be a very large fan page and not the official page. Sorry guys I was thrown off by it being the first result when you search “whatsapp facebook” on Google.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 7.53.13 AM BBM WhatsApp4

It seems like the gloves are starting to come off between new rival BBM and WhatsApp in the cross platform messenger space. WhatsApp posted a Batman bitch slap towards BBM on their Facebook page showing that they see it as a threat. Then BlackBerry followed up with an update to BBM in the Beta Zone that lets you tell your friends about the BBM cross platform and why they no longer need WhatsApp. My guess is it will only escalate from here especially if BlackBerry keeps up the momentum. What do you think?

BBM WhatsApp

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  1. Is that a BR channel or group?

  2. Isn’t that a post made by a WhatsApp fanpage on Facebook?

  3. I think whatsapp had better start worrying. Their baiting tactic first of all. You download it, use it, add contacts, etc. After a year goes by you are asked for money? I know it’s not a substantial amount of money, but that’s not the point. We all know BBM is free to download and use forever. BBM has had rock-solid stability forever, and I prefer to use apps that have proven themselves, not apps that are going to thrive to stay competitive and messing up their code by “improving” things too fast. Sorry whatsapp, but you had a good run. Know when you are defeated.

    • Only problem is their auto contact additions are a huge benefit over BBM… You simply don’t have to invite contacts or even remember sign in info, unlike BBM. It might outweigh the pitiful yearly fee….

  4. Well WhatsAp should do their research before they call someone out. For one the PIN is Hexadecimal so 0-9A-F so their little comic is flawed from the start… then to top it off, no one ever says or ever needs to say their PIN out loud nor do they have to remember it. The PIN was designed to be a QR code and never have to speak it. You either send an invite or scan the bar code or use NFC…. WhatsAp = FAIL do some research guys and try again later once you understand your competition!!!

  5. Whatsapp can easily tackle this, by giving users the options to give out pins or numbers! #Sorted

  6. Seems to be the childish move of a local community manager… I think Whatsapp is smarter than that and is already working hard on improving their infrastructure and software in order to let that speak for themselves.

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