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BlackBerry Z30 Getting a Non Removable Backup Battery Charger


The BlackBerry Z30 with its non removable 2880mAh battery is supposed to last for 24 hours of mixed use which is awesome. On the other hand its always good to have a backup plan in case you are running low on your second or third day. That is why BlackBerry is going to release their own OEM backup battery for the Z30 similar to the very useful ones they made for the Z10 and Q10. The big difference is the Q10 and Z10 models essentially were just a charger with another spare battery. The Z30 OEM portable battery charger has a built in non-removable 2100mAh battery.


The details are in the picture above but essentially it can pass through 2A but only charge your phone directly at 1A which is great for a mobile charger. The backup battery itself can also be charged at 2A so it will charge back up quickly. No word on pricing and sadly the backup battery does not wirelessly charge.


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  1. I wonder why they went with a smaller battery? Seems like it should be the same as the Z30 or larger…

  2. The fact that it’s non removable makes people more likely to opt for larger capacity 3rd party chargers, since now it’s just a standard usb battery pack…

  3. It’s like the Z10 model but slightly heavier

  4. Bought a Z30 on Sunday. Charged it fully. Used 15 min talk. Set up two email accounts. Turned off WiFi, Blutooth, GPS. Explored the unit for an hour. Checked weather and maps. Both of these required GPS to be turned on for them. Did no browsing. Battery drained down to 10% within 12 hours of charging. Returned the unit on Monday. Bell salespersons claimed this was typical smartphone battery performance. Not being able to swap the battery did not help.

    Wanted to go back to Blackberry for the superior email. Happy with this aspect.

    I found the gesture based interface cumbersome. A click is faster than a swipe. Multiply that by 100s to 1000s of swipes a day. It adds up. The interface needs to be simplified. Need an icon or physical button at the bottom that never disappears that allows absolute application close.

    The BB battery and the interface are major reasons I will hang on to my Samsung for now.

    • Weird. Battery life is pretty awesome for me

    • I wanted to reply to the post even though it’s too late for you. The indexing of email takes about 12-18 hours, in that time the battery will get a nasty drain. Once it’s over, you can expect 15-20 hours with massive use. I have 4 email accounts ( push), social accounts ( all), weather apps, gps maps, wifi and LTE on and it’s lasting over 18 hours. But the 2 and 3 days it was a lot less. I almost took it back until I read about the indexing email drain.

      • Yes there was a ton of email downloaded. Did not know about the indexing. Would have been useful for the Bell sales and tech staff to know.

        I may try again.

        Another drainer I suspect is the 4G/GSM network. My Galaxy S was experiencing rapid drain over the past year while it was in WCDMA/GSM auto mode. I changed it to just WCDMA and the battery lasts much longer.

        • “I found the gesture based interface cumbersome. A click is faster than a swipe. Multiply that by 100s to 1000s of swipes a day. It adds up. The interface needs to be simplified. Need an icon or physical button at the bottom that never disappears that allows absolute application close.”

          I found that point to be interesting…….this might be based on personal taste and I respect that you find it awkward, however I compare that UI point to the wasted time correcting spelling errors on the “harder” to use keyboards + the less then efficient email handling and management and it might be a wash. My experience with the GSIII and iPhone 5 brought me to that conclusion. I don’t for a min think that the Z30 is perfect, but if you need the device for business communication, it’s as close as they make, right now.

          • No, not based on personal taste. Based on decades of experience developing applications. I can think of no good reason to introduce and overuse such a paradigm (gestures) other than perhaps to be able to legally distinguish the technology in the event of a patent infringement lawsuit. There are apps on this platform that are not just cumbersome but actually laughable (yes I actually laughed and asked “does this prove Aliens are here?”). My advice to BB: design the best user interface, outsell the competition and settle afterwards. Designing an interface that can withstand an infringement lawsuit is a dead end…with all due respect to the IP lawyers.

            Heads up BB: Z30 sized unit with a physical keyboard…but better than the Q10 (yes I tried that one as well). Make it easy to punctuate…some of us still like to write grammatically correct sentences (ok reasonably). Don’t “Eats Shoots and Leaves”. Minimize number of clicks. Swipes only when it makes sense, Quick app exits.

            Oh, and a non-re-moveable battery, really?

            • CaptainJon I do not disagree that the design style of the BB could be sexier, even better from a UX perspective. But i would wager that pragmatic is what they value over form. I am not defending them , just offering my opinion. That being said, if you value higher, sexier design, the device you are with is right for you. BB is never going design heavy, ever!

  5. I’m not looking for sexier, just functional. Now that you mention it, it’s gestures that are sexy and while clicks are functional. How does the song go:
    “I want a man with a slow hand
    I want a lover with an easy touch
    I want somebody who will spend some time
    Not come and go in a heated rush
    I want somebody who will understand
    When it comes to love, I want a slow hand”

    Sorry, but I don’t have time to make love to my cell phone. I just want to get it done.

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