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Advanced: How to Force Load the Latest OS 10.2 On Your BlackBerry


We have been getting multiple requests from readers on how to get OS 10.2 on their BlackBerry 10 devices. The old method for leaks still is open as they come out though we wont see as many of OS 10.2.1 due to a change they made radio-wise. On the other hand many of us BlackBerry 10 users in the US and other countries have been left out in the cold in the last rollout. BlackBerry comitted to getting us OS 10.2 sometime in “the winter.”

Advanced users have long been using Sacha’s “Sachesi” tool. Sachesi is dubbed as a BlackBerry 10 firmware extractor, searcher, and installer and with v1.1 is an awesome tool. The tool can be use to push a non-destructive OS 10.2 release on your BlackBerry 10 device without losing all your data. I would still HIGHLY recommend backing up before using it and we provide no warranty… but it does work.

My buddy Adam over @CrackBerry pointed out a great guide by LopezZ10 on how to use Sachesi for the non-initiated. Check it out below:

To start, you’ll need to download and install Sachesi. It’s a good idea to remove your SIM and also perform a full backup of your device before you start as well.

1. Plug in your device to you computer using a microUSB cable.

2. Open Sachesi and search for the update using the parameters below. Make sure you use the correct Device and Variant depending on your device.


3. Select "Download All". Remember where you save the folder.

4. When the download is complete, go to the Install tab and select Install: .bar(s)


5. Select the folder with the OS that was downloaded earlier in step 3


6. Wait patiently for the OS to load on your device


It can take 30 minutes or longer to load the OS onto your device, so just hang tight and don’t do anything until it’s done.

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  1. Thanks !!!

  2. My BlackBerry Q10 goes unrecognized when connected, what am I doing wrong?

  3. I’m trying to update my Q10. When I click Backup tab or the Install tab I get stuck with “Searching for USB Device” “These Tools require a USB connection. There’s a password field in the middle. It doesn’t do anything when I enter my device password. I tried this on Windows 7 64-bit machine that I had just installed Blackberry link on with no luck. I then tried it on a Vista machine and got the same results. Am I missing a step?

  4. I tried using the Sachesi 1.1 but unfortunaltely the minute i say STL100 -1 it shows me OS 10.1 with the MR update as the only one available 🙁

    Am i doing something wrong?

    I am in India on Vodafone with Z10 STL100-1

    • STL 100-1 is for Middle East and Central European markets; I think the reason is the absence of 4G. Try Spain Vodafone (Country: 214; Carrier:01), I’m downloading 10.2 from this source right now.

    • Also, if you’re facing download difficulties, I suggest pressing ‘Grab all links’. This will give you a list of links of all files for the update. Copy them and use your download manager to get download links from clipboard (I used FDM). It’s better than the cryptic download progress of Sachesi.

  5. Do you have BlackBerry Link running at the same time? If so close it

  6. I keep getting the following Error when running Sachesi and try to install the 10.2 after downloading.

    “Error – Authorization”

    I actually also tried version 13 beta and get the same error message.

  7. i install Country: 214; Carrier:01 of Z10 STL100-1
    after complet 100% my mobile stuck at blackberry logo HELP!!

  8. but still having instagram error incompatible device??? hELP

  9. Search button doesn’t work. No response from the application whatsoever. Searching for Q5 SQR 100-3 , fro Aircel Chennai (404-041)

  10. 1 question , if we force load the OS
    then in the future comes NEW OS , can we update it normally or we still need to force load for the OS ?

  11. I followed all the steps but can’t find where it put the files since it doesn’t ask for a file path. any suggestions on how to find it now?

    • If you are using Windows, mine stored it under the temp folder.

      click Start | Run ‘%temp%’ <enter. will bring up the temp folder, after that you can search for *.bar to find where they are located.

  12. I’m trying to update my Q10. When I click the Install tab I get stuck with “Searching for USB Device” “These Tools require a USB connection. There’s a password field in the middle. It doesn’t do anything when I enter my device password. I tried this on Windows 7 32-bit machine. I use the same as sample for the country region 302, Carrier 702 and Variant STL 100-3.
    Did I do anything wrong?

  13. I’m getting “error authorization” when I try to upgrade.
    I’ve tried setting a password and disabling it without success.

  14. I can’t find the 10.2 update for the Z10 STL100-4. What am I doing wrong?

  15. Every time I try this Sachesi quits unexpectedly? I have a Z10 STL100-2, Vodafone UK, used “Country” 234, “Carrier” 015. I’m also using it on a Mac. I previously installed a leaked OS which I hate as nothing works anymore, so would like to install the official version. The version Sachesi found and downloaded for me is If anyone can help me with this that would be incredible!!

  16. Can you help me in upgrading my Z10 to 10.2.1 version.Currently it’s running on is STL 100-3 model..I want the country code and carrier code which supports 10.2.1 using Sachesi.

  17. 272 Ireland, 02 – O2 carrier
    226 Romania 10 – orange

  18. These two work on STL 100-2

  19. from argentina my carrier is personal I bought the phone in the states STL 100-3, would you tell me the country code and carrier code
    thank you

  20. ok I downloaded the new version for my Z10 but now its slow as F***. it takes about an our for ir to turn on, and every app to open it takes around 10 to 15 minutes just waiting on the main screen.

    no my device is not full. i have a 64g micro sd + the 16 of my z 10 and its not even close to get full.

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