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FAQ: You Cannot Have The Same BlackBerry ID On Two Phones (BB10, iOS, & Android)


This one is more of an FYI to those of you who have been asking about how BBM will work on iPhone iOS and Android devices. In a nutshell you cannot use the same BlackBerry ID (BBID) on two phones with BBM. Whatever phone you sign in with last will sign out your other phone from BBM. That means if you have a BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry 7 device with BBM and want to sign into an iPhone or Android device at the same time then use a different BBID.

I was hoping that BlackBerry would allow you to sign into multiple devices by now but it does not seem to be in the cards. Hopefully someone at BlackBerry is working on syncing BBM messages across multiple devices… Maybe even your computer… 🙂

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  1. Can you transfer messages on whatsapp?

  2. how come then generate a new pin when I sign in using my usual bbid?

  3. I guess for all those who have always wanted to BBM on their computers, you can theoretically do it now with BlueStacks. Of course, as per the above, you will need separate accounts.

  4. What if we have 1st un installed n if we again download bbm n if we forget the id

  5. Hey i set up bbm on the iphone and everythings good jyst wondering if im able to sign out and then sign in using a different email basically having two pins?

  6. My husband and I were sharing the same BBid on 2 different phones for the past 3 years with NO problems and just last night his contacts and bbm were “erased”. We share ONE email – how do we get around this?

  7. what if i want to sell my android phone and i want to get the same BB PIN.. (i wont to add people again and again) what the PIN depends on? please answer

  8. I too would like to see the same BBM account being used across multiple platforms.

    I just installed BBM on my ipad but had to set up a separate profile.

    The imessage on apple devices does that and is great as you can pick anyone up and continue a conversation.

    My contacts now have two contacts in my name and dont know which one to use. I agree, too confusing for them.

    The app works great on my ipad 4. We downloaded it on an iphone and then from the store installed in from the icould to the ipad and it works great.

  9. Hi

    I have a issue… The other person have a same bbm id like mine…. How to resolve this issue.

  10. Please, I already fell a victim of this issue. What do I do now? How do I erase my old bbid on my android and generate a new one? Any body please???????

  11. Am pduke above: Please respond to my e mail: [email protected].

  12. i uninstalled my BBM from android device and now when i am signing in it says this is not a valid id registered with Blackberry and when create a new id it says i am already registered. i have already reset my password . but of no use.. plzz help

  13. Hi ,i have 2 berry id’s one on my android and one on my 9780 the id on my android swapped to my 9780 , how do i reslove this and get my 9780 id to its phone and my andriod id to its phone. in major need of help.
    thank you

  14. my boyfriend had bbm on his android phone and suddenly he is no longer associated with the pin. there was a girl replying from the same pin; and she has a blackberry, they live in separate cities, and it is different phones…how does that happen? And he still says he can see my id as normal….
    this sounds very illogical and if i hadn’t had it happen to me i would say it was made up, yet…

  15. I downloaded bbm on andriod, it worked fine, but i had to uninstall then reinstall it. Now it gets stuck at “setting up bbm” screen when using my previous blackberry id but loads normally when i use an alternate id

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