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Prosumer Defined By BlackBerry

BlackBerry NS Office

What exactly does the word prosumer mean to you? Ever since Prem Watsa’s assurance that BlackBerry’s focus will be on Enterprise and Prosumers, this left many of us confused and wonder if consumers will still be on BlackBerry’s road map. Well, the guys over at thespec managed to two spokesman to define for us what they meant by prosumers.

For Michael Clewley, who is the director of handheld software product management defines prosumers as:

“Their sole purpose is that this is primarily a communications device and a productivity machine”

“While applications are good to have in some respects they’re not primary or sometimes even secondary for that type of user. And if they do use applications they’re using very targeted specific applications, they’re not spending a lot of time in the storefront browsing for the latest or greatest or trying to find out what’s hot and stuff like that. They’re going to look for apps that help get the job done for them.”

For Todd Wood, senior vice president of design, he says:

some think the “pro” in prosumer stands for professional, but it can also be short for producer.

“They create more content than they consume, in most cases, and arguably that was the original definition of prosumer”

“There’s a set of BlackBerry users that really think of themselves as enterprises in and of themselves so they want to choose a more professional or semi-professional device.”

So what do you guys think? What is your definition of prosumers then? 🙂

By the way, back at the BlackBerry Jam, Alec defined prosumers as:

Those who value technology purposefully built for enhancing productivity. Pro-sumer are those whom are looking for professional capabilities in the professional world. They are the most active users of their devices, they look for the best devices. They are the ones whom will help drive the devices, they are the biggest spenders.
(PS: Prosumers includes the current users of BlackBerry 10 devices)

Via Thespec

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  1. So they’re saying the target market for BlackBerry is now people who want to buy a BlackBerry? Doesn’t seem to be a lot of growth potential there.

  2. Ok. Now give me project management tools. Gimme the targeted applications that will help me get my job done!

  3. even prosumers are using their phone also private,
    what’s easy done with BlackBerry Balance.
    and then they’re looking for the same apps as users of other platforms.
    time is gone for using-more-then-one-device for business and private.

    so Blackberry still has to provide apps for consumers –
    even if prosumers are buying the devices 😉

  4. There is no such prosumer as defined by Blackberry. No wander BB is dying.

  5. What a load of gobbledygook.

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