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S4BB Submits Another 138,792 Apps to BlackBerry World (71% of All Apps)

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This is going way beyond ridiculous. In August we let you know that one developer, S4BB, was responsible for over 1/3rd (47000) of all the apps in BlackBerry World. Now according to my buddy Simon at CrackBerry the S4BB has decided to TRIPLE down on that number and submit and ADDITIONAL 138,792 apps to BlackBerry World. These have yet to be approved but based on BlackBerry’s previous statements on this spammy app developer they probably will approve them.

If BlackBerry approves these apps it would make one developer, S4BB, responsible for over 70% of BlackBerry World apps. That would be unbelievably ridiculous. You may ask where S4BB is getting these 138,792 apps? They are splitting every one of their city guide apps into three separate apps. Two of them will be free lite versions of their $2.99 city guides with separate nightlife and dining apps. The third will be a paid business search for each city. In essence S4BB has created a business out of flooding the BlackBerry World market with automated submissions of one trick pony apps. Now they have split each of those tricks into a different app. If this is not considered an abuse of the system then I am not sure what is…

I just hope BlackBerry does not respond with the same lame duck answer as last time. I copied it below in case they do:

“Developers in all app stores employ a number of different monetization tactics. BlackBerry World is an open market for developers and we let market forces dictate the success or failure of these tactics,” said BlackBerry spokesman Adam Emery. “Discoverability in overcrowded stores continues to be an issue affecting all developers. This is why we have worked hand in hand with developers on the Built for BlackBerry program to help showcase apps and games that exemplify the power of BlackBerry 10.”

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  1. S4BB is stupid and BlackBerry will be more stupid if they approved S4BB apps.
    BlackBerry May approve it because they want to say “Hay we have 500,000 apps in BlackBerry World!”
    But unfortunately that will hurt BlackBerry more and more.

    S4BB apps are crap and we all know that, and anyone can check there apps that are already in the store, they have more than 64 thousand of apps now and no one is using it.

    Its impossible for any team of programers to develop almost 200 thousand apps with high quality in just less than year, and its more impossible for them to update it as a developer who have 2 or 3 apps in the store.

    BlackBerry would be very stupid if they approved there apps.

  2. Really stupid indeed.

    • Did S4BB stopped Gameloft or Rovio from releasing their apps?

      I don’t see what it is the problem here? do you look for Skype and your search results shows city guides?

      • Is there a way I could filter out their apps when browsing and search the BB World? Thanks.

        • That is idiotic why would you need that? In what situation? While browsing through city guides? Or when searching angry birds? In none of those situations you need to filter

          • You do know there is a New Arrivals section, don’t you? Besides why is it idiotic to be able to filter out one developer’s apps while browsing and searching?

            • because it is not needed! none of their apps shows up when you are browsing through categories! and if you are looking to new arrivals their apps are not arriving every day once they arrive they arrived the last time, city guide of new zeland won’t show up 2 times in different months in new arrivals,

              Reason! take time and tell me, what situation would you encounter 10,000 S4BB apps and at the end the app you are looking for? let’s say Skype.. what search parameter will you need to enter for BBWorld to show their apps first!

            • You seem to think that when going through puzzle games some city guides will show up… idiotic

              • Why can’t we filter one developer’s app in BlackBerry World? This is exactly a common use case for the feature! Btw, this is just a feature request, if you don’t like it, don’t call it idiotic as it is just reflecting your behavior. You are from s4bb?

                • No problem.. you want that feature, you got it… I am not opposed to it, I’m just saying you don’t need it!

                  You only think you will need it, because your brain is thinking that when you search “Reddit”, 4500 garbage apps will show up, or if you go through Picture editing category, 6800 apps of city guides will show up first. Which IS the idiotic part. I am not against your proposition, I’m only convinced that this feature won’t do nothing!, I could assure you, the same quantity of results will show up when whether you filter or not, in MOST cases (except when you look through city guides)

                  So please! please! tell me one case when you were looking for certain app but instead you quit your search because your BBWORLD retrieved a list of 6000 s4bb apps before the app you were looking for…
                  what caseee? tell me at least one! so I can die in peace!

                • C’mon Ronen! this is the stupid bias you cause for being against developers! this is your fault, making everybody believe that BBRY problem is one developer! That Tony guy is the result of your media bias. He won’t even know why this is bad when looking for his Bad Piggies game!

                • Take it easy, Eduardo. I am just requesting a feature to filter out apps on BlackBerry World based on my personal preference. Perhaps it could be a parental feature, too. Please don’t take it personal. No one is doing to die because of this.

  3. Banned.

  4. The least BlackBerry could do to honor this great contribution to the BlackBerry World app store is rename it to BlackBerry’s S4BB World.

    Can’t wait to see their next project. The dictionary, every word an app! I would buy the word ‘Spam’ in a heartbeat.

  5. One thing is certain: searching the bb appworld for something using a keyword is rather awfull. try misspelling an app name- and you go way off track, the appworld shows you all kind of stuff that you are not looking for… they really need to step up their game -especially that searching your own bb10 device gives you most of the time the correct answer…what gives?

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