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Checking Out The Max Mobile Security Suite, On Sale Now!


I’m not saying that BlackBerry 10 needs an anti-virus, I know it’s secure enough without one. I have full faith in the device, trust me. Especially knowing and being fully aware that BlackBerry incorporates Trend Micro in scanning their third party apps for their customers in BlackBerry World. There are a few reasons why I decided to check out Max Mobile Security. First off, it’s listed in the Built For BlackBerry apps, and secondly, it’s on sale temporarily which made it more enticing, and thirdly, it is a security suite and I’m always interested in security. Whether or not it’s necessary, the extra pound of preventative medicine never hurts. So what is Max Mobile Security Suite?


Now the approach I’ve taken to this app is finding a suitable use for it. So my device does not need an antivirus, it’s very secure. With the introduction of the BlackBerry PlayBook and the BlackBerry 10 OS came the ability to sideload Android apps to run in the Android runtime player. This created more options and ability to do more on your device. However, I like experimenting with leaked OS and sideloading Android apps onto my device. The last time I checked the Security news on Android, there were over a million apps in the Android marketplace listed as malware. One million! So with this in mind, I decided to try the Max Mobile Suite.


Included Features:

  • Malicious other smartphone run-time apps for BlackBerry 10. (Sideloaded apps scan)
  • Malware files that can harm other devices like devices connected to the same cloud, email attachments or even when the device is connected to the PC.
  • Quick scan, full scan and custom scan.
  • Live database updates, BBM share, background scanning and hub integrated notifications added.
  • Max Safe Browser integrated to provide anti-phishing and enhanced privacy web browsing.


The app is normally $9.99 but for a temporary sale, it’s now $6.99. The application also includes the Max Safe Browser which sells separately in BlackBerry World as well. It’s an enhanced privacy browser and anti-phishing browser. I like the idea of scanning third party apps that you sideload because it’s too easy to download malware if you’re not going through BlackBerry World itself.


When you first download it, as with any anti-virus, you always want to run a scan of your device. On the bottom sit the following tabs: Home, Update, Custom, More, and the more menu. Every night you should check updates to see of you have an update for the Database. In Custom you can do a Folder Scan or a File Scan. More includes the Safe Browser and connecting socially the Max Secure Software.


The last antivirus and anti-malware software I used was SMobile. I loved it. And while I wasn’t worried about viruses on my BlackBerry, malware is always a threat if you are sent something to install, something not from BlackBerry World. I would see malware out in the wild such as spyware, which SMobile would detect and remove. Many advertise they do, but did nothing.


While I don’t have any apps at this time to download and test that are known spyware/malware apps, I can say I do like the privacy browser that’s included in the app. Now at days phishing is a real issue. Not just to the consumer, prosumer, but also the corporations.

Scans run fast, updates are fast, and it runs pretty smooth. The browser takes a few seconds to start up, but not bad.

If you’re as curious as I am, you can download the Max Mobile Security Suite for $6.99 on sale here

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  1. I’d be really interested to find out if it blocks Android malware or at least indicates what these apps are trying to do, like Cyanogen.

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