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Carriers Start Rolling Out BlackBerry OS to Some Devices

BlackBerry Q10 Z10

We are hearing reports from users that carriers around the world are starting to roll out BlackBerry 10.2. The versions seem to be in range with the most confirmed being in Singapore. From what we are hearing it will be hitting about 1/3 of carriers this month with more coming later. Sadly I feel like we can expect the US carriers to be last… Let us know if you get an update!

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  1. Already on, so I couldn’t care less.

    • Yeah, why bother about BlackBerry officially releasing the 10.2 update to users that most likely don’t even know what leaks are?

      • Not to mention that users who doesn’t know what leaks are, probably don’t visit this site. Or Crackberry, or N4BB. Anyway, my point it’s that waiting for “oficial” release could take quite a while .. the carriers in my country are so slow to make the necessary maneuvers.. I’m BlackBerry user for several years and I’m speaking from a bitter experience. This is the reason why I use leaked OS. Peace!

        • From support at T-Mobile US, BlackBerry has not yet submitted the 10.2 software release for testing as of 10/18. I think the delays are all BlackBerry.

          • I’m hope that T-Mobile it’s more serious than Vodafone and Orange. It was a glitch in Vodafone’s network few months ago and the BIS didn’t work on my 9360 Curve . When asked, the guy from customer service said that BlackBerry is to blame. When I told him that the news agencys reports that the problem it’s just in Vodafone network, he said that

          • .. the only information that he can provide it’s this. Not nice.

  2. What selfish comments below. I for one wait for official updates. This is informative information for many users around the world. If it doesn’t pertain to you, move on to the next story. Get out of your basements and learn to be positive for once.

    • Below, there is no comment. Except this. My comments are above, and I can’t believe that you just told me that I should be happy with the time table of some lazy carrier. Like Orange, or Vodafone.. Back in the days, I had OS 4.2 on my Curve 8310 bought on a two years contract from Vodafone . The oficial OS at the time it was 4.5, and Vodafone

    • .. needed one whole year to push the update to BlackBerry users. Since then, I use just the latest stable leak . No negative attitude here.

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