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Viber Puts BlackBerry 10 App Plans on Hold


BlackBerry 10 is currently stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to gaining traction. On one hand they need a large user base to attract developers but they have trouble convincing users to come to BlackBerry 10 due to the lack of app development. Personally I think BlackBerry could make some headway with this by simply making all Android apps installable over the air but sadly they refuse to do so.

We have just confirmed with Viber that they have decided to not release a version of Viber for BlackBerry 10. That is a shame since they confirmed multiple times in the past that they would be bringing it to BlackBerry 10 with OS 10.2. Even worse is the fact that Viber for Android runs decently on OS 10.2 so the did not even go the porting route… They confirmed that they have not shut the door on BlackBerry development but they are reassessing.

Either way their official statement is currently:

“…at this point, we unfortunately do not intend to release a version of Viber for BB10. If anything changes, we will keep you posted.”

Definitely make sure to let them know on Twitter, Facebook, and [email protected] how you feel about their decision. Maybe we can change their minds!

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  1. Ronen, the BIGGEST security weakness with Android is the ability to install apps from anywhere. Apple’s ONLY security safeguard is just that – you must download from iTunes.

    BlackBerry has allowed sideloading only to appease those who want it and are willing to take that risk. A security conscious person would be very careful about the source and integrity of these sideloaded apps.

    Mark these words: Android will be plagued by a ton of malware (viruses, trojans, worms) over the next year. The value of the information on smartphones is just too much for that community to ignore. There are worms that can turn on your microphone, take photos of you, capture keystrokes, and copy files off your device and your cloud-based accounts too.

    BlackBerry can help themselves and their app store by putting an end to all the rumors and negativity. Tell us where you are going, make it clear what the plan is, and STOP with all the unknowns! It spells bad news for app developers everywhere wondering if there will still be a BlackBerry platform somewhere to support their development efforts. It also hurts sales. After all we’ve seen the last two months, I don’t blame Viber one bit for putting a hold on their development.

    Dammit! The Z30 is being released and I see not one ad anywhere for it. If BlackBerry is not selling the Z30, that product will be doomed to fail. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy! This is why a new owner and new management is needed. Thorsten, your greed at the expense of the company’s fortune, disappoints me. Just when they needed you most, you’ve failed them – and you’re supporting the marketing folks who cannot sell candy to a 5 year old boy.

    For Viber, at least you can provide a simple recompilation of your Android app – it would be a good start. After all, BlackBerry is going nowhere – BlackBerry has some of the most loyal *diehard* customers you can imagine! Don’t throw in the towel as we will stick by BlackBerry even when hell freezes over!

  2. I don’t even know what Viber is, so no skin off my back.

  3. @bbfanboi – the sideloading abilities of BlackBerry 10 are really just for developers – that’s why it’s not so friendly.

    The rest of the Community hijacked that developer solution through sites like Berry Review and CrackBerry so that they could get their favourite applications faster/easier than waiting for developers to decide to port, or not.

    I’m in complete agreement with you on the security front – even McAfee recently published a note saying that 80%+ of all portable malware was Android based. Just look at the nonsense that went on in the Android application store with fake copies of BBM that were allowed and even promoted.

    Viber Could, if they wanted to, release an “unsupported” version of their Android port – leave it in perpetual beta if they would like to – just to gauge customer interest before moving ahead (or not). Viber itself is facing a huge fight against Skype and even (shortly) BBM4All so it is best for them to fight on the fronts that make the most sense financially for them.

  4. Lalo

  5. What the heck is Viber??? First time that I’ve heard of this ( what ever it is) BlackBerry fan forever

  6. I have never heard of Viber either, they probably get more publicity by announcing that it will not be available on BB10 than if they released it. You know the saying, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Viber is obviously threatened by BBM, why else would they hold back an app that already works on the platform.

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