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Dear BlackBerry, What Took You So Long to Write a Letter?

 Winter is coming

I regularly get the feeling that Waterloo is a sort of bubble where time moves slowly. On August 12th BlackBerry dropped a bomb by once again stressing that they were heavily exploring strategic options with a special committee. They they followed up with a bombshell of a preliminary earnings report recording a loss of $1 billion on September 20th. They then followed that up with a failed launch of BBM going cross platform on iOS and Android.

You would think that a company in this situation would be doing damage control and trying to get their message heard and instill confidence that they can survive. Instead we have a CEO and executive team who has been more or less off the radar working on backroom deals while no one seems to be trying to save BlackBerry from a media tail spin.

Now almost 2 months after this string of announcements began we are finally hearing something out of Waterloo. The message is that “You can continue to count on BlackBerry. I really want to believe that but their actions these last few weeks have been anything but confidence inspiring. This latest open letter in 30 newspaper channels is a start but what took so long? Why was it not ready to go the day after these announcements? What makes BlackBerry’s executive team think they can take this long to communicate with their customers?

Hopefully BlackBerry gets their house in order soon with Fairfax or another suitor. Until then we can only hope that BlackBerry sees that this delayed response and lack of communication is severely hurting their brand.

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  1. Well, they could have been waiting for a plan to finalize that none of us are privy to? Who knows? All that matters is that they’re writing a letter that speaks volumes. I’ve heard enough negativity surrounding BlackBerry to last me a life time. I use a Z10 and swear it’s the best operating system with a great future ahead. Enough of the negativity! Concentrate on the truth. BlackBerry 10 is the best and everyone should be proud to say it.

    • The world most innovative company 2013
      The most elegant and the most advance architecture.
      The possibility are endless…
      The inner beauty
      Most people were sure BlackBerry would be selling. The same people never imagine that nokia would be sold to Microsoft…
      They are like the Maya and i don’t give a dime for their words.
      BlackBerry is a very Young Start-Up, proposing the most advance product…
      The Prosumers know it.
      Samsung know it very well…
      They are already using BB QNX TECH°…
      That’s why, the battle is so harsh.
      Samsung attack, so is doing Apple.
      Apple got double passed by Samsung.
      They did not want to be double passe once again. So, Apple put on the table 12 Billions dollars in Advertising this year and they sold an awful lot of IPhone at a very very low price…
      They achieve to make the BlackBerry’s come back invisible to the consumer… They went blind…
      I love to see now the recognition with this magnificent award, attribute to the most innovative company…BlackBerry!
      You know if you put an octo cores CPU at the BlackBerry QNX RTOS, you will have, only, the fastest O.S. in the world … Cisco ‘s routers are the world fastest. In car Infotainment Platform, a 140 model in the world are using BlackBerry Platform… There is a lot more to say…
      They are no geek trap with BlackBerry…
      What can Samsung do with a monolithic kernel and an octocores cpu in a cell phone… Samsung will never run an Ferrari with 8 lawn mower engines.
      There is no bankruptcy, They want to go private. That’s all.
      Once again, BlackBerry is very very good with this revolutionary QNX RTOS technology.

  2. They’re likely responding to the current sales numbers. I suspect they’ve weakened beyond expectations.

  3. BlackBerry should be THANKING their customers for their loyalty and renewal of faith in their products and services.

  4. Remember that movie airplane when the flight attendant was saying over the speakers: your pilot is in complete control?
    If you’ve seen the movie you know what follows…lol

  5. I am not against the letter I am just wondering why it took so damn long. They should be reassuring customers immediately after they made the destabilizing statement

    • Agreed. There is nothing wrong with the content of the letter. There is something terribly wrong that it was released after so much has happened to the company. Silence is completely idiotic when everything is falling apart like it has been.

      • When you make so many statements and everything falls apart, this is what I call the shock phase…
        Which is usually followed by a brief silence to regroup, rethink and replan from scratch if things are salvageable.

    • Maybe they don’t want to be caught in a lie and have more lawsuits. If they had no idea if they would be alive in the short-term, this letter would be another lawsuit waiting to happen. Maybe they are feeling a little more confident now.

    • Agreed! 🙂 Finally they speak. What’s marketing been doing all this time?

    • It’s beginning to turn cold, so marketing returned from their extended summer break.

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