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BlackBerry CMO States BBM Cross Platform Launch Expected "Within Days"

BBM for all

This is some good news if Reuters got this quote correct. BlackBerry’s CMO, Frank Boulben, told Reuters that he expects the launch of BBM on iOS and Android “within days” and that BlackBerry “is confident that it fixed issues that arose after the initial cross-platform launch of the messaging service last month.” He also stated that 6 million Android and iPhone users have already preregistered for cross platform BBM.

Boulben went on to say that BlackBerry is publishing the letter due to uncertainty to highlight their strengths. He stated that "Whoever is interested in BlackBerry understands that the company has world class products and services. These are products and services that customers can continue to count on."

Now I just have one frank question for Mr Boulben. What took so long to get this message out and why didn’t we get an update on @BBM?

PS: This rollout fits with other unconfirmed tips we have received for a launch this week or possibly next.

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  1. “why didn’t we get an update on @BBM?”

    If you ask me Ron, I rather we only see @BBM ay something at the launch day.

    Enough with “we’ll be doing this and that at day x” and failing to delive.

    Just do it and shout “Look! we did something!”

  2. A thirsty guy in the desert longs for anything tall and cool. This is good news. I’m going to go w/ that Assuming the launch goes well we have a tad of momentum.

  3. Perhaps BlackBerry was waiting for BBM to mount their comeback campaign – I hope. In any case we really need strong leadership from BlackBerry, in good times and especially in the bad times. Thorstein Heins tear down this wall of silence now!

  4. just another “sick” promises. i hate waiting

  5. They shouldn’t be setting schedules, they just need to start releasing and then say we good to go. They’ve burnt us with schedules and so this doesn’t really mean much.

    • Totally agree. Stop giving us timelines. Show us the goods then tell us about it. Would be better for traffic management as well because word that it is up and running would spread while allowing backend people to make sure they have the capacity to handle the onslaught.

      I’m sick of hearing a target date and having it be delayed. I thought this was something that would change post-Heins but we all know it hasn’t.

      • Every time line they gave went right with software development so, lets see what they’ll come up with. They need video as well to be more competitive IMHO.

  6. another day! another lie!

  7. Frank is one of the guys I held responsible for a) total launch marketing failure in us… (Z10 anyone??) – took them at least 8 months to get some visible, simple and coherent message….out to american public and b) complete confusing public statements and letters from BB to the public all along…
    it’s a disaster!!! if I would be him I would not sleep well at night..

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