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OS Leaks For All Devices Except the Z10 STL100-1


BerryLeaks has just dropped a new leak of the 10.2.1 branch.

I recommend skipping this one since the camera is broken and there is no way to fix it. I’m sure some people will start bundling the most interesting apps from this build so that you can install it on an earlier version. Watch this crackberry thread.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what to expect. I’ve only listed items which have changed since “575” or that I may have missed earlier:


  • Your PIN will be displayed at each corner of the screen
  • SheetsToGo:
    • You can now freeze panes
    • New “Show on” option
  • SlideshowToGo:
    • Show/Hide slide sorter
    • New find option
    • New play options: Preview, rehearse, present
  • Audio player: FM radio now has an active frame
  • App monitor:
    • More graphs. Per example, pie chart for memory usage
    • Can track bandwidth as well as cpu, memory and battery usage for each “process”
  • Joyn support has been partially introduced via sharing  (could be a mistake)


  • Settings: Lockscreen settings have been moved to independent settings menu
  • Hub: Pinch gesture in hub shows priority emails again
  • BBM: Group picture commenting is now animated
  • Updated translations

Known problems

  • Contacts:
    • People who save contacts locally (as opposed to in the cloud) and restore their data may see the app stop behaving normally after a few uses and it may affect the phone app and the Hub
    • Dark theme can’t be enabled if you restore your data
  • Settings: White balance for OLED screen still doesn’t work
  • Facebook: FB check-ins may still be broken for some people who restore data
  • BBM: Channels are not available. You’ll have to choose between the dark theme and Channels
  • Protect: Turns itself off after a reboot

Under the hood

  • Updated acoustic library
  • Updated BT library
  • IP Multimedia subsystem (IMS for time, packet and service-based charging) is getting its own backup/restore scripts
  • Some debug logging removed
  • Speech recognition data moved to accounts partition
  • Remote profiling (qconn) gets its own user:group
  • Updated webkit
  • Possible work on manual white balance in camera
  • Updated Enterprise BlackBerry Messenger service
  • Updated media sync tool
  • Updated display power management
  • New data-at-rest queue manager
  • More work on credentials manager
  • Updated audio routing manager
  • Updated USB command line interface
  • Updated driver for Timpani Audio System
  • Updated Broadcom DHD drivers (WLAN)
  • Updated driver for ChipIdea USB OTG peripheral controller
  • Updated multimedia renderer/router
  • Updated NFC tag library
  • Updated STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) driver for Broadcom WLAN
  • Updated audio writer filter (Think voice recorder)
  • Updated screen streaming writer (Think BBM, Miracast, etc.)
  • Updated avi filter
  • Updated Fufitsu ISP driver
  • Updated BT naked picture sending library (BT transport)
  • Updated OpenMax camera library
  • Updated Qualcomm 3A OS, VFE (Video Front Line) and ISP library
  • Updated Synaptics touch driver
  • Updated Camera sensors libraries
  • Updated phone libraries (breaks radio)
  • Updated LED flash driver
  • Updated search API
  • Updated DMTF tone generator library (Can now communicate with alien lifeforms)
  • New radial stretch filter
  • Updated wifi direct service
  • Updated places service
  • Updated phone service
  • Updated NFC service
  • Updated audio manager
  • Updated visual voice mail

When I say “Updated”, it’s usually that I don’t really know what was changed. I don’t mention it if  the changes are trivial, but sometimes a simple recompile can change quite a few things around without adding anything new.

We’re still early in the beta phase and anything below the 1000 mark is usually quite unstable or even completely broken, so I invite you to check the “known bugs” list above and I would suggest you only install it on a spare device. Also, remember that backups made on 10.2.1 can’t be restored on previous OS versions.

And here are the links:

Z10 (STL100-2/3/4) 

Q10 (SQN100-X)

Q5 (SQR100-X )

Z30 (STA100-X)

*The Z10 STL100-1 is not supported*

I recommend you use the recently released BlackBerry Link 1.2 which seems to improve backup/restore speed.

If you need help to install leaks, you can follow this tutorial on BerryLeaks’ wiki and if you have problems with this leak specifically, head over to this post in the CrackBerry forums.

Want more info about leaks in general or want to be kept in the loop? Feel free to contact the BerryLeaks team via Twitter or their Channel: C00122562

DISCLAIMER: BerryReview, BerryLeaks and the people posting links to the OS take no responsibility for any damage(s) or issues that occur to your device while trying to load this experimental software.  Please follow all written instructions offered through links we provided in this article.

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  1. Thanks for the leak, I’ll stick with 10.2.0 for now but nice to see how BB is really working hard on the OS. Man they are catching up and moving fast now…

  2. The camera application is a real killer on this leak. I tried older cameras but to no avail: After the first short you’re hooped.

    I rolled back to .575 for now after investing an hour upgrading and experimenting.

  3. Hi @Ofutur – FIRST: Thank you very much for the support that you’re giving us early adopters 🙂
    (It’s Thanksgiving up here, after all, so it’s a good time to express gratitude).

    I saw that I could enable the camera with the flash but I use the camera to document various things a lot and the flash isn’t always the best option for me at the moment.

    • Thank you 🙂

      I’m not running 10.2.1 on a device which I need to rely on. It really is too unstable right now. What I did though was to extract a few apps that I sideloaded on 1791. YMMV.

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