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Review: Lenmar Helix Undead Power (11,000mAh!!) Battery Pack


Back in August, we let you guys know of this Lenmar battery pack when they were having a giveaway contest. This battery pack, packs no small feat – it packs over 10,000mAh, almost twice of the ZaggSparq! How does this, however, perform here then?


The Lenmar undead power come in a small neat box, though there is really nothing fancy about it, it does get the point across immediately.


The size is small, especially if we thought of the Zagg’s beautiful packaging, this is just plain alright.

Packaging aside, let’s take a look at what is included.


Inside the box, we find the battery pack itself, some stickers as well as a USB cable. (Upon testing, this cable is no ordinary cable – it is a charging cable!)


Yes, you may have noticed that this battery pack charges via micro usb, so yes, we can use our standard BlackBerry charger’s to charge it! They had a disclaimer that said using a Apple iPad charger would allow the battery pack to activate rapid charging mode which allows it to charge approximately 2 times faster. Well, the good news is that the BlackBerry Premium Charger (for example, the one that came with the BlackBerry Playbook) is 100% compatible with this feature, which means we can do a rapid charge on this as well!


Apart from featuring that massive capacity, the battery pack also features 3 usb ports. Yes you read right, THREE! With 2 being a standard 1A port and 1 being a high speed 2.4A port, one can actually charge 3 phones or 1 tablet + 2 phones simultaneously. But, what will I do?


2 troublesome legacy devices with a BlackBerry Z10, no problem! Now, here I have used the Y-cable (provided in the BlackBerry 9900 charging bundle) and I am able to charge an additional battery pack on it!

For its features, the size of it is pretty tiny. Being about twice as thick as a Z10, slightly wider than a Z10 or almost as wide as a Z30, it is pretty small! Comparing it to a ZaggSparq, this is definitely smaller in size. However, keep in mind that Zagg has the wall socket fully integrated into the battery back whilst this still requires a external charger.


With 4 notification lights, each covers 25% of the battery capacity for the battery pack.

So, how does this capacity match up?

Charging my BlackBerry Z10 from almost flat (7-8%) to full, I was able to do this almost 6 times with the 6th time charging till only about 87%.
However, powering my BlackBerry Z30, it only managed 3.5 charge, with the fourth charge giving it till only about 53%.

What I disliked about this was that the bezel was glossy silver, which meant that it can be easily scratched, the print/label of the USB ports are also printed on, rather than etched which meant it is very easy to be scratched off or fade away. In addition, there was no carrying pouch with it, so you will need to get your own to protect the battery pack.

What I really liked was that the usb charging cable was included in the box. It is not often to find a charging cable bundled in the box, which the Sanyo Eneloop Battery pack gave (Note: its now known as Panasonic Eneloop Battery Pack) whilst Zagg omitted it altogether. Even though the battery pack did not require it to charge my devices (any standard usb cable worked), it is a nice addition to have.


With the undead power battery pack priced at $99 (or $59.99 at amazon), this is worth the cash to get, if your a mobile warrior on the road.

PS: It comes in red, white and black too!

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  1. Great thorough review. Thanks for sharing. Where did you get the cool “Made for BlackBerry sticker”?

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