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Apple Trying to Lure BlackBerry Talent – Former TAT Employees Start New Design Company


There is quite a bit of movement happening at BlackBerry especially with all of the pink slips being handed out currently. Supposedly Apple is trying to lure BlackBerry talent to Cupertino according to some LinkedIn messages spotted by The Financial Post. On top of that it seems like BlackBerry Sweden which used to be comprised of their acquisition of TAT is also reforming after slowly leaving BlackBerry. They worked to create what we know of the BlackBerry 10 UI and some of their execs and designers left BlackBerry after that. Now CrackBerry noticed that 7 of the TAT design leads have formed a reunion company called TOPP in Sweden to “craft new products and breathe life into innovative ideas through design, prototyping, and technology.” Not sure what to make of this one…

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  1. I know what to make of this news Ronen: It meens that Blackberry Management Royally F****ed up! And they rather break up the company than correcting their mistake and competing with the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft and others

    Sorry Ronen but I’m a BB fan and definitely can see that
    management under Mr. Ketchup man (Heins) and Laziridis are pussies!

    • The fact that they screwed up is a given. Just not sure if the lack of these tat people will make a difference to current BlackBerry 10 plans

      • On that, I have to agree with you. But I also believe the reason it wouldn’t of changed anything is probably because BB management wouldn’t let them introduce certain UI aspects that could probably make their OS more appealing due to most probably management being so closed minded.

        Wanting to appeal to “prosumer” is just a load of C**P. The enterprise of the past does not exist anymore because the consumer market now also includes people who work in the enterprise. And that is something BB management does not want to see or admit and therefore makes them not want to compete in the consumer market. Shame!

        • I would think that a prosumer is a professional consumer. Hope Apple does not take all our good BlackBerry talent. Loving BlackBerry 10! Don’t like the management though. Ok gonna play with my Z30 now. Toodles! 😀 BB10 for life 😀

          • Dude just f-in stop using the name I use! get your own name and voice your own opinion. And by the way im a canadian resident and the Z30 is not out yet here. And no I wont be getting one as long as management doesnt change.
            And its BB10 4 life only if management changes! loll Which it wont

  2. It’s a shame that these guys did not stick around to build BB10. It seems to me that they came up with the concept and let other people build it which led to delays when BlackBerry tried to re-introduce features present in older versions of the OS.

    We could also have had some killer apps showing the power of QNX. Consumers love those…

  3. taking a look at the founders of TOPP I noticed Anders Larsson, who left BlackBerry Sweden in march, so it’s not really new. all the great designers and developers I’m in contact with at Cascades team (BB Sweden) are still their, so I really don’t think that the fact of 7 designers leaving will change much.
    I have expected this – even if BlackBerry would be in better condition.
    Designers always like new challenges and now with BlackBerry 10 it’s more like evolution and fine-tuning.

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