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Quick Analysis of What Cisco, Google, SAP, Samsung, & Others May Want from BlackBerry

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I usually do not delve too far into analyst territory but its becoming very relevant recently with BlackBerry’s strategic options. Over the weekend Reuters put out a pretty compelling story that Cisco, SAP, Google, Samsung, LG, and Intel are taking a look at BlackBerry. Its odd that they are doing it only now that Fairfax has put in a bid but maybe they plan on offering Fairfax a deal to offload a certain division after the sale. Here is a quick rundown of what these potential buyers may be after:

  • Google – They do not really need a new platform since they have Android and they already use Motorola for manufacturing. They are probably after the patents they tried buying from Nortel.
  • Samsung – They could possibly be interested in using BlackBerry 10 to slowly replace Android since they are currently heavily reliant on Google through Android and with Motorola they are direct competitors. On the other hand they could just license the OS…
  • Intel – Possibly looking for a play into the mobile space after a string of failures

Personally I find Cisco and (to some part) SAP very interesting suitors for BlackBerry. They are both enterprise companies that do not have a leg in the mobile space. They would easily meld with BlackBerry’s corporate first mindset and they could use BlackBerry to enter into the MDM and secure mobile device space. In my opinion the one that would gain the most from an acquisition or strategic partnership would be Cisco especially since there is a huge overlap in the customer base between the two.

What do you think?

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  1. Would there be any hope that any of these companies would continue to make BlackBerry handsets? Really don’t want to see them disappear.

  2. I dont Trust any of these companies to not make any backdoors or to fold to nsa type of demands.

  3. I can live with a LG phone that runs BB10… or even being able to use autoloaders to keep my Z10 running whatever it is thet release after licensing.

    I just really don’t wanna leave BB10. I function far too well in it.

  4. Cisco would be bad news for BES network. Cisco is HUGE on BYOD internally. They have BYOD SmartPhone, tablet, PC, MAC everything under the sun and they have a huge product offering to manage this that integrates traffic authentication and authorization all the way to the core switches. Honestly it’s a networking nightmare but yet very thorough. They don’t want the BES part of BB, it would go head to head with their BYOD offering.

  5. Google could have access to the patents and the knowhow. They could offer BES in the cloud (uncanny timing for the announcement) and they could even keep the OS and handset to satisfy that market segment they can’t address yet.

    I can definitely see Samsung offer a Pro range based on BB10 and BlackBerry is already running the OS on Samsung hardware already (Musket prototype)

    I would hate for them to be bought by companies who know nothing about mobiles, like SAP or Cisco.

  6. Yes each one of these possible BlackBerry suitors would lead to a very different BlackBerry than the one we know

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