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OS Leaks For All Devices Except the Z10 STL100-1


This week we have a slightly less broken version of 10.2.1 which introduces FM radio support for everybody who doesn’t use a Z10… On top of that, multimedia apps do work and the Contacts app introduces a long overdue feature: you can now select where to save your contacts! Some people who sideload Android apps may also get excited about the fact that the Android runtime is unlocked. Check this post for more information on what it means.

This build is still quite old and contains debug code. In simplified terms, this means that the device is working harder to log problems and default apps and services may use more memory than usual in order to help OS developers track down issues. This leads to shorter battery life.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what to expect. I’ve only listed items which have changed since “476” or that I may have missed earlier:


  • Your PIN will be displayed at each corner of the screen
  • Calendar: Event recurrence is now set via a dropdown, without leaving the page
  • Accounts:
    • Imap accounts can be set to stop downloading while roaming
    • Imap accounts can append messages to the sent folder (I’m not sure how different it is from what it’s doing now)
  • Email:
    • When composing an email, you can switch between plain text and html emails
    • Pictures are now automatically displayed inline
    • New setting to display next/previous message buttons as overlays on email message
  • Audio player:
    • Introduction of an FM radio tab (headset required, no Z10 support)
    • Audio routing is now enabled and you can pick which audio device will play the music you want to listen to
  • Phone: Hearing aid support (No Z10 support as it requires an FM radio)
  • Contacts:
    • When creating a new contact, you can now choose where you want to save it (SIM, Local, gmail, etc.)
    • You can now copy contacts from the location it’s currently saved in to different locations (i.e. from local to cloud)
  • Settings: Hide/show quick switch button for languages. Seems to have no effect yet


  • Settings:
    • Wifi advanced settings is fixed
    • Payment option page looks much better
  • Calendar: The availability checker has been improved
  • Hub: Tapping and holding date selects all messages and shows a new “delete prior” icon
  • Browser: A blue overlay appears on top of the URL bar when you’re in browsing mode
  • Updated translations

Known problems

  • Backup: You won’t be able to create a backup from this version
  • Hub: Pinch gesture in hub will freeze it instead of showing priority emails. Just reset the Hub when that happens
  • Contacts:
    • People who save contacts locally (as opposed to in the cloud) and restore their data may see the app stop behaving normally after a few uses and it may affect the phone app and the Hub
    • Dark theme can’t be enabled if you restore your data
  • Settings: White balance for OLED screen still doesn’t work
  • Facebook: FB check-ins may still be broken for some people who restore data
  • BBM: Channels are not available. You’ll have to choose between the dark theme and Channels
  • BlackBerry World: Minor visual glitch on download bar in quick settings
  • Protect: Turns itself off after a reboot

Under the hood

  • Updated touch profile to improve battery life
  • You will soon be able to import contacts via the Vcard format
  • Confirmation that the O series is 1080p
  • Sensor libraries updated
  • First signs of future support for Panorama mode with gyroscope support in camera
  • Updated translations
  • Some extra code analyzers and debug scripts are turned on which may slow things down
  • Lots of work on PIM services and libraries
  • Continued work on Balance (policies, perimeter definition, etc.)

We’re still early in the beta phase and anything below the 1000 mark is usually quite unstable or even completely broken, so I invite you to check the “known bugs” list above and I would suggest you only install it on a spare device. Also, remember that backups made on 10.2.1 can’t be restored on previous OS versions.

And here are the links:

Z10 (STL100-2/3/4) 

Q10 (SQN100-X)

Q5 (SQR100-X )

Z30 (STA100-X)

*The Z10 STL100-1 is not supported*

I recommend you use the recently released BlackBerry Link 1.2 which seems to improve backup/restore speed.

If you need help to install leaks, you can follow this tutorial on BerryLeaks’ wiki and if you have problems with this leak specifically, head over to this post in the CrackBerry forums.

Want more info about leaks in general or want to be kept in the loop? Feel free to contact the BerryLeaks team via Twitter or their Channel: C00122562

DISCLAIMER: BerryReview, BerryLeaks and the people posting links to the OS take no responsibility for any damage(s) or issues that occur to your device while trying to load this experimental software.  Please follow all written instructions offered through links we provided in this article.

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