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OS Leaks For All Devices Except the Z10 STL100-1

10.2.1 for Z10 and Q10

Now that 10.2 is out the door, here is something new and exciting to play with! This OS was supposed to be introduced at the same time as the new C-series comprised of Café (touch) and Kopi (qwerty) devices, later this year, but given their uncertain future, we might only get the OS and this is a preview for the Q5, Q10, Z10 and Z30.

We’re early in the beta phase and anything below the 1000 mark is usually quite unstable or even completely broken and this build is no exception, so I invite you to check the “known bugs” list below and I would suggest you only install it on a spare device. Also, remember that backups made on 10.2.1 can’t be restored on previous OS versions.

Without further ado, here is a non-exhaustive list of what to expect if you decide to install it:


  • Your PIN will be displayed at each corner of the screen
  • Hub: Switch to priority view for the current account using a pinch gesture
  • Remember: Introduction of a “default view” setting
  • Calendar:
    • Design change. There is now a side menu where search has moved to and which introduces a “People” icon which shows you who you will meet on that day.
    • New “go to date” button
    • Webex icons should show up if meeting involves a WebEx account
  • Picture viewer: Can now start the camera from any tab
  • Media player: Closed caption setting (hearing aid support)
  • Browser: 1080p screen ready. Oh hello Windermere 🙂
  • Acrobat reader:
    • Can lock screen brightness via a setting
    • Night mode turns the document into black&white and dims the screen
    • Document can be saved as new document
    • Can edit document (if not protected)
  • App monitoring:
    • Shows current, 12h, 24h and “since last changed” global stats
    • Gives you overall CPU, Memory and battery stats
    • Tabs are replaced by a dropdown and you can now see the effect the app has on battery life
  • Weather: App now features temperature graph and picture editing when sharing
  • Carriers now have access to “lifetime data (# of calls, minutes spent, Data transfered). It’s probably for troubleshooting.


  • Clock: Alarms are turned off via a tap on the small clock icon instead of a toggle
  • Camera: Includes face focus, but not the low light mode
  • Calendar: Switch between work week and normal week has been moved to settings
  • Lots of components are getting a dark theme so that they don’t clash when being opened by an app set to the dark theme

Known problems

  • Native multimedia apps: They are all broken and it’s advised to sideload older versions if you want to use them
  • Contacts: People who save contacts locally (as opposed to in the cloud) and restore their data may see the app stop behaving normally after a few uses and it may affect the phone app and the Hub
  • Contacts: Dark theme can’t be enabled if you restore your data
  • Settings:
    • Some data is missing from the advance wifi view
    • Payment options may not load properly for you. Simply do a hard reset
    • Advanced Wifi settings information is incomplete
  • Facebook: FB check-ins may still be broken for some people who restore data
  • App monitoring: Impossible to terminate some apps
  • BBM: Channels are not available. You’ll have to choose between the dark theme and Channels

Under the hood

  • FM radio support
  • ExFat support
  • Audio routing. Pick on which device audio should play. Speaker, Headset, Headphone, BT device, BT headset, Handset, Hearing Aid, HDMI, TTY, Line out, TOSLINK (optical), USB, Miracast
  • Sharepoint (via CFS) support and new PPS endpoints. Enteprise only
  • OpenVPN makes an appearance (No UI)
  • New SMS Fuse mode getting nearer launch. Seems to be some sort of SMS group app
  • Nuance Vocon libraries have made a comeback
  • New multimedia file system we talked about previously has been implemented (but it’s broken)
  • USB printers support removed
  • Japanese support in voice command
  • Introduction of a certificate manager instead of using static keys for the internal http server
  • New VPN PPS endpoints
  • SMPTE-TT subtitle support
  • Bluetooth SBC codec support
  • New iCal library
  • New Broadcom DHD drivers (WLAN)

And here are the links:

Z10 STL100-2/3/4

Q10 SQN100-X

Q5 SQR100-X 

Z30 STA100-X

*The Z10 STL100-1 is not supported*

I recommend you use the recently released BlackBerry Link 1.2 which seems to improve backup/restore speed.

If you need help to install leaks, you can follow this tutorial on BerryLeaks’ wiki and if you have problems with this leak specifically, head over to this post in the CrackBerry forums.

Want more info about leaks in general or want to be kept in the loop? Feel free to contact the BerryLeaks team via Twitter or their Channel: C00122562

DISCLAIMER: BerryReview, BerryLeaks and the people posting links to the OS take no responsibility for any damage(s) or issues that occur to your device while trying to load this experimental software.  Please follow all written instructions offered through links we provided in this article.

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  1. What does PIN on the screen mean? Does that mean that the PIN will always be visible like the older leaks?

    Also, is SMS Fuse also known as chatblend?

    What is the significance of Nuance Vocon libraries?

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