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Dear BlackBerry… Can We PLEASE Copy Contact Fields in BlackBerry 10?

Copy Contact2 Copy Contact 

Notice something missing in the action menu above? I love where BlackBerry is finally going with the newer BlackBerry 10.2 builds but there are still basic usability features missing that drive me nuts. One of these is the fact that if you want to copy a persons phone number or other details from the contacts app into a SMS or email you cannot just hold down and select copy. You can email the whole contact card but you cannot do something as simple as copy a phone number without editing the contact, selecting the text, and copying.

Anyone who has come from BlackBerry’s legacy OS would have immediately squashed these small usability issues. Maybe BlackBerry needs to get some hardcore users inhouse to start finding and fixing these usability issues ASAP. Wasn’t BlackBerry 10 supposed to be all about the “Flow”?

PS: I checked to see if the latest leaked OS had this option and sadly it does not. On the other hand BlackBerry is putting quite a bit of work into PIM in OS 10.2.1 so there is some hope…

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  1. Yeah, it’s annoying but that’s one of the least of their problems…
    I still can’t get over the fact of not having google maps and voice apps on the phone, ported by google or native.

  2. They’re also missing the ability to copy and paste meetings/appointments within the calendar. I’m talking beyond recurrences, as I often need to sporadically place copies of appointments.

  3. Whats PIM?

  4. There are countless things like this (big and small spread throughout of the OS) that do not replicate reliable, predictable behavior from OS7. My major pet pee issue is around the (lack of ) reliable text editing. BB7 was a mastermind when it came to manipulating pieces of text -copy, paste, move, insert, delete, etc. I could type a full novel on my trusted OS 7 device. Os 10 is still a joke if you want to quickly select, cut, paste, delete or move text around same application or in between applications or web based applications.

    The cut -paste paradigm and the wimpy selector circle is a deal breaker for me. They shroud stop adding any feature to OS 10 till text editing is fully fix and match OS 7 capabilities . Other wise, competing OS-s do video, and other isheeplee things much better then OS 10. Please match OS7 capabilities first!!! Who the Fu*k came up with the “circle” idea instead of a “pad” a la OS7? This is especially terrible in Q10… I want to trow my Q10 in that smartass head at Blackberry -who did approve this half backed non working “feature” and went home thinking he did a “good job” -FIRE the guy on the spot!

  5. I definitely love the 10.2 builds on my Q. And I keep learning tricks, not sure if it’s now, but holding on word selects word, and keep holding it keeps selecting more and more. Excited for things to come. Get them private and out of the public eye. 😉

  6. It still boggles me that there are soooooo many things from ‘legacy’ OS’s that are missing from BB10 devices. Things that make BlackBerry stand out superior like. I like the idea of having past users consult to the company on these things.

    • Honestly, they are trying to cram 7 generations of OS (maybe more if you count 4.2, 4.6 and 7.1, remember) into one brand new generation that is completely different, no trackball ever and add new stuff to it…
      Don’t get me started on the picture flow in the Picture icon vs the file manager because I’m about to say something ugly… 🙁

  7. Hopefully, someone at BlackBerry will notice this and will try to implement it before 10.2.1 goes gold.

  8. I have seen above complaints numerous times in multiple blogs/forums/boards, including official blackberry board, there has been ZERO response from Blackberry other than releasing a very minor update and call it 10.X. Remember the huge step from 7.0 to 7.1, we have not seen fraction of that on 10.1 to 10.2.
    Therefore, I doubt anyone from BB will notice this and add anything to it at all.

    So many people are still using OS7 devices like 9900 and newer 97XX, that should be a sign but sadly BB fails to see that as well.

    I seriously wonder, between the little market share they got left, what percentage is still using OS7 vs OS10..

    Users who are fed up with OS 7 or those whose devices just happen to break and to get a new device at low cost consider OS10 device, but either they “just live with it” or return it and say “well, if I can’t do things I used to do on OS7, why sacrifice app choices and unlimited customization, I’d just go with Android..” or more “fancy” users will simply go with iPhone, because honestly BB has nothing special that could be considered the huge selling point of any BB10 device.

    Legacy users feel alienated.

    • Don’t forget that the development cycle for 7.1 was 12 months, versus 3 months for each bb10 dot release. If you look at the difference between 10.0 and 10.2, they’ve made good progress and we now have the OS that should have launched 9 months ago.

  9. PS: Can’t you hit Edit, and then copy the fields?

  10. I would like BBRY to fix the fact that some of my linked entries in my contacts just randomly unlink. I re-link them and they unlink again in a week or two (not sure why). I also am having issues editing the names of entries. I either delete or correct the information but neither stay. I wish BBRY would also bring the saved search function within BBOS 7.1 to OS 10.2. I love the fact that I used to be able to hit alt+A and search for all emails with attachments…. or hit alt+F and search for all flagged emails.

  11. Ok, I’ve just noticed one way you can copy phone numbers only.
    1) Go to phone app
    2) Look for the person you want to copy the number from
    3) Tap on the person’s name
    4) From the list of number, tap and hold on the one you want

  12. I especially like trying to insert the cursor and your finger covers up the exact area you are trying to pinpoint. Like how did they approve this phone for production? The test must’ve been phone to phone calling…. Because that’s all it’s good for if I can’t edit, and copy and paste with ease.

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