Review: Bluedio R+ Bluetooth 4.0 HiFi Headset

Bluedio black
This headset is an upgrade from the Bluedio R model that Jay reviewed a while back. They look similar but pack in some more features than their predecessor.
While I wouldn’t exactly consider myself an audiophile, I do appreciate great sound like most people. That being said, spending $200-300+ on a wireless or wired noise canceling headset is not something I would typically do. More than anything, because I only spend a couple hours listening to music in a given week. But when Liberty Health Supply approached us to review their Bluedio  R+ Bluetooth 4.0/NFC headset, I was instantly drawn to their $119.99 sale price. Many people don’t want to drop twice that for casual music listening( myself included) so I figured if their headset was as good as it appeared to be, others might appreciate the value.
Upon receiving the headset I charged it for 3 hours with the included Micro usb. I’m sure many people like me have countless chargers from the various BlackBerry devices, so charging should never be an issue. With the reported music playtime being 25 hours and standby time 1300 hours, the only reason charge should be an issue is if you just simply forget to charge it.
Pairing it to my BlackBerry was equally as simple. I initially paired via Bluetooth and then tried the NFC tap option, and connection was instant. I much prefer connecting via NFC, because I don’t like my BlackBerry to auto connect to Bluetooth devices other than my car, so setting up a connection is much quicker obviously with NFC.
One thing that is immediately noticeable is the sound is outstanding. The bass is stellar, and you can almost feel them bouncing off your head. Not having anything to compare it to myself, I enlisted the help of my brother in law, who has a set of Beats. He listened to 4-5 songs and claimed that these were every bit as good as his Beats, and honestly might be better.
Another great feature is the ability to insert a micro SD card and just listen to music that way, unpaired to anything. Being out and not having the ability to charge your BlackBerry, this is fabulous. Many of us hard core BlackBerry users like me have oodles of leftover micro SD cards, as we always update to the next size card when supported. I have multiple 8 and 16 GB cards that would be great to drag music or podcasts on and listen to hours and hours without the need of another music source. If you do have a music source that isn’t Bluetooth compatible, there is a 3.5mm audio jack port to plug into, and a cord is included.
One thing that is also a plus is the ability to hold phone conversations while using them. There is a microphone on them and the sound quality on the other end is comparable to an in car system like I have with my Jeep Grand Cherokee’s UConnect system. I tested 4 calls and all were great.
–  incredible sound
– NFC connection
– great value with $119.99 cost
– ability to answer and end calls from the device
– ability to insert a Micro SD card to use as music source
-range up to 20M ( I tested around 40 feet with no ill effects on quality)
-it comes with just a pouch to carry them, and I see a potential for them to be broken if not careful. Not sure what their competitors offer, but for the cost, buying something better to carry them in is not prohibitive.
Overall, I love these. The $119.99 sale price make it affordable for even the casual listener. If higher priced headsets have scared you away, give these a try, I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am.
If you want to pick up one, head to the link for purchase and additional specs and info.
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  1. Mine Broke and will not play out of the right ear peice

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