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OS Leaks For All Devices (Q5/Q10/Z10/Z30)

Z30 10.2

Update: I’ve received confirmation that this is the gold version which will be pushed to carriers
Update 2 (2013-10-05): Carriers have refused this release and we’ll have to wait another week for the gold release. We’ve seen 1779 floating around, so that might be it. I’ll believe it when I start seeing it on production servers…

Now that the Z30 has been released and that we’re getting closer to an official launch of OS 10.2 on all devices, we’re starting to see leaks which can be installed on any BlackBerry 10 device.

Version 1767 doesn’t add any new features, but it contains the same improvements seen in the recent 17xx leaks, so you’ll get to choose between the bright and dark theme for SMS, Contacts, Calendar and BBM and you’ll also gain the ability to hide the Android navigation bar per app.

Also, the recently released BlackBerry Link 1.2 seems to improve backup/restore speed, so the BerryLeaks team recommends you upgrade.

WARNING: I recommend you do a hard reset after having restored your data. To do a hard reset, just press and hold “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” at the same time until you see the BlackBerry logo appear on your screen (the screen will first go dark first).

Here are the links:

Z10 STL100-1

Z10 STL100-2/3/4

Q10 SQN-X & Q5 SQR-X 

Z30 STA-X 

And an unofficial changelog (compared to 1761)
As we get closer to a carrier launch of 10.2, the OS gets more stable, so very little changes are introduced.

  • * Updated carrier bars
  • * Updated translations
  • – Hub fixes
  • – APN settings fixes
  • – NDK fixes
  • – Keyboard fixes
  • – Various AIR fixes

If you need help to install leaks, you can follow this tutorial on BerryLeaks’ wiki and if you have problems with this leak specifically, head over to this post in the CrackBerry forums.

Want more info about leaks in general or want to be kept in the loop? Feel free to contact the BerryLeaks team via Twitter or their Channel: C00122562

DISCLAIMER: BerryReview, BerryLeaks and the people posting links to the OS take no responsibility for any damage(s) or issues that occur to your device while trying to load this experimental software.  Please follow all written instructions offered through links we provided in this article.

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  1. The only “fix” I want for AIR is it’s removal from the core interface and core apps — both on BB10 and PlayBook. It can remain for simple apps.

  2. Update: I’ve received confirmation that this is the gold version which will be pushed to carriers

  3. Two issues exist still from 1725

    When Bluetooth is connected to car
    1 – can’t see previews of notifications when clicking them
    2 – the timeout ( which causes screen to go to lock screen) is fast regardless of the settings

    Connected to ford sync

  4. I have the z10 STL100-1 and when I install this leak I can not start the camera, I had installed the version and there if the camera worked. Some can help me with this?

    tengo el z10 STL100-1 y cuando instalo este leak no puedo iniciar la camara, tenia instalada la version y ahi si funcionaba la camara. Algun puede ayudarme con esto?

    • With such issues, you have several solutions:
      – Re-install the camera bar
      – Wipe the device and restore your data
      – Re-install the OS

      But first, I would check the Crackberry forums to see if other people have experienced a similar issue.

  5. I have the BB Q10, my major problem is that it downloads attachments automatically and this is costig me a fortune especially that I am roaming most of the time. will the ne OS 10.2 solve this problem; i.e. give me the option to download attachments OR not? apreciate anyone’s help

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