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How Will Channels Be Used As A Tool?


Today, at BlackBerry Jam Asia, we had the opportunity to speak to Teemu Sorvisto who is the Director, Alliances and Business development in APAC for BlackBerry. Whilst we were not able to get answers with regards to whom BlackBerry was partnering, Teemu was able to share with us how Channels could be used as a partnering platform once its been launched. Check it out!

First of all, the BlackBerry Channels is a Social networking extension of the BlackBerry Messenger. With BlackBerry Channels, the owners will be able to have a much deeper level of engagement with their customers. It allows them to also host rich media, text and images. In addition, it can also be used and help brands to reach out to the right audience at right time, at right area. It enables chats as well as locational-based promotions. As such, it is also able to be seen as an engagement channel for the company.

Besides, with its reputation as a reliable communication channel, it gives consumers and business a peace of mind when communication. For end users, it provides better privacy for them. There will be a further extension of their marketing capabilities where available.

One way he forsees that the Channels can be used is by having news site or channel to utilize BlackBerry channels to push out news and content directly to end users, without having the need of writing an application.

But, first and foremost of course, they are still working to roll out the BBM for the cross platform properly.

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  1. So far it’s aligned with my theory that they won’t charge for BBM or Channels but will sell ad space, subscriptions, etc. to brands

  2. For the Channel, I think they will charge the merchant some fees more like 5 to 10 dollars per month for BlackBerry support with any products they want to upload onto their Channels plus helping the merchant to get more people join their Channels based on people interest. For consumer, the Channel is free. For the merchant, this is the best way to reach their audience very fast and less money spend to promote their merchandise. Sorry, Google, Facebook and Yahoo for your placement ads that cost the merchant a lot of money to advertise on their website! The Channel is more accurate to reach the consumer than placing an ads on Google, Yahho and facebook. This is how I see it…

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