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“Why I’ll never ditch my BlackBerry” on CNN

Zeke BlackBerry

Yesterday I wrote an Op-Ed for CNN’s website detailing “Why I’ll never ditch my BlackBerry.” Since then I have been getting some great feedback from readers and others that feel the same way (and those that don’t). I highly recommend reading it over at CNN and definitely let me know what you think.

I am about to go offline for the end of the Jewish high holiday season but I will see you all back on Saturday night! Until then enjoy this picture of Zeke that was supposed to make the front page of CNN. 🙂

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  1. Loved this article. I couldn’t agree more. It was great to see it on CNN. Ty

  2. Great article! You probably said it for all die hard BB users!

  3. Great article Ronnen. I’ve been amusing myself by reading the comments. after a while its ios vs android.

  4. In a perfect world, BlackBerry 10 OS would be the one on top right now (its the best), but alas, ill advised decisions, very poor marketing and poor execution has led to this. Perhaps Thorstein was the wrong person for the job. We need someone that has a charismatic personality that embodies BlackBerry and that charts a vision and course for BlackBerry; an overwhelming theme and prerogative that will appeal to everyone. As Apple has shown, the right person and marketing can propel even a mediocre OS like iOS to the top.

  5. I have the Z10 and I have a Story Maker video of my visit to my home town on it. When I show the video to others, they will ask about the app and are surprised that they are holding a BlackBerry device. Then I show them the integration of calendar and emails; the Remember app and keyboard functions. As well as the Hub. It is a great device but poorly managed and marketed . I let the device speak for itself.

  6. Great article and I also kept wondering why they (BlackBerry) tried to copy the other two instead of perfecting and expanding on what made our “Berries” great. I’ve had Berries since the 7520 and will continue with them. I also am the only one around with a BlackBerry and it is ok.

  7. Thanks for this enlightening article, Ronen. I wouldn’t know much about the Z10 as i’m still stuck on OS5 🙂

    People around me are telling me to ditch Blackberry and move on to other platforms. However, Blackberry just works for me.

    I did think of going to the other side, perhaps to the Android world. After reading your article, I realized it’s time for me to move on — to BB10 and bid farewell to my Storm 🙂

    Keeping the faith I am 🙂

  8. Glad you guys liked it. One of those things that needed to be said. This is another one on a similar line:

    • I’ve had BlackBerrys since the 9520 from Nextel and have always wished for a Native application that when someone called me and was recognized as being in my Address book and I wanted to place them in the Calendar I would just open the Menu and click “add to” Calendar then it would open then scroll to the Day and Time and click and the Name and telephone number would automatically be inputted.
      Is that wishful thinking?
      I currently have a BB 9650 from Sprint and a 32GB PlayBook.

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