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Still No Update from BlackBerry or @BBM on Cross Platform BBM Delay

BBM Update

After BlackBerry salvaged a fiasco of a launch for cross platform BBM this weekend they promised to give us some updates on progress. We have readers constantly asking us about updates so I decided we should cover the latest lack of news. Sadly it has been almost 24 hours since the last update on Twitter and longer since their blog post about the delay. Until they cut off the rollout BlackBerry managed to rack up 1.1 million downloads from iPhone users and those who downloaded the leaked Android BBM file. Sadly even the iPhone version now seems to be running all wonky for those that have it.

This extended delay and lack of communication seems to point towards a fix coming later rather than sooner. Most of what I am hearing is pointing towards an issue on the BBM infrastructure side requiring more work than just a quick bug fix. BlackBerry is officially blaming a leaked version of BBM for Android but that might just be a cover story. Either way BlackBerry HAS to get the launch right this time so I hope they have EVERYONE working on making this relaunch go off without a hitch.

BlackBerry really needed a win with this launch and so far they do not seem to be actively doing damage control. I was hoping BlackBerry learned their lesson on lack of communication from their outages in the past.

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  1. Isn’t it ironic that BBM is all about communication and Blackberry has absolutely NO communication with their end users. lol FAIL

  2. Samsung must be absolutely livid over this with the amount of advertising they put in.

    • Samsung should use their resources to get this gong for Blackberry. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they could do a better job then Blackberry themselves.

  3. As a resident of Waterloo region, I am continually answering to my friends out of the region what’s wrong with BlackBerry….. My answer, pretty much everything…. What’s good…. It won’t be long before the company completely dies due to their mind boggling incompetence… How do these people find their way work anyway….please just go away

  4. I had mentioned the upcoming rollout to a few of my friends, but hadn’t gone crazy promoting it. Now I’m glad I didn’t. The friends who I had told were wondering if I’d played a joke on them, and the ones that had left BlackBerry for other phones were reminded of why they’d left BlackBerry.

    1) Put foot out in preparation to take big step forward.
    2) Take gun out and shoot foot.
    3) ??? (if anyone knows what this step is, pass it on to BlackBerry ASAP).
    4) Profit.

  5. Blackberry just announced they sold themselves for $9 per share. This is probably the TRUE reason they aborted BBM for iOS and Android over the weekend.

    • If they’d had a successful, on-time rollout and huge download numbers, that only would’ve made it easier for them to justify their worth and possibly find other suitors. Mucking it up shows how deep the problems run (they’ve been promoting this for so long and still couldn’t pull it off) and makes it less-likely that they’ll find another suitor who’s willing to beat the Fairfax bid. If they did that on purpose, that would just be another sign of bad decision making.

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