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Lower Priced BlackBerry 10 Device Will Slip Below the Q5 – Caught on Camera


I am not sure what to make of this latest leaked BlackBerry device. The BGR is hearing from a source that sent them a picture of an upcoming lower end device in the BlackBerry 10 model lineup codenamed Kopi. This model is set to be even cheaper than the Q5 and will have a faster processer but no LTE and will include a removable battery. I am not sure why BlackBerry wants so many devices when they finally simplified their lineup but hopefully someone has a plan. You would think they would just make the Q5 cheaper… If anything we needed a higher end flagship model than the Z30.

What do you think of this new model rumor?

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  1. I am thinking that they are just trying anyway they can to make money and if they believe a cheaper device may sell better in emerging markets they are taking their chance.

  2. They’re protecting the price of the Q10 and Q5 but doing nothing to stop the freefall price of the Z10. Why, why, why no Z5?

    • I would’ve preferred a Z5 too, but I’m assuming their keyboard models were getting better sales for them (how many people waited for the Q10 to come out).

      Product cycles usually take a while, but I’m also wondering if this is a feeler to see if they can move people in lower tiers to OS10 devices, and let OS7 die off so they don’t have to spend resources supporting it. That might be part of their streamlining strategy – if they have to chop staff, those involved with the old technology of OS7 would be easier to afford to lose.

    • The Z5 is coming at the same time. Pictures have emerged last week. Both phones share the same internals and went through the FCC.
      The Q5 was meant to be sold only in a few countries and this was probably the planned model for everywhere else.
      I don’t believe it’s faster than the Q5 either. Same GPU and probably same CPU.
      Qualcomm is probably offering a good price on their entry level Snapdragon 400, so hopefully BlackBerry can have decent margins on these devices.

  3. And btw, of you call café the C-series, then this is the B-series (STB100)

  4. And btw, if you call café the c-series, then this is the b-series (SQB100)

  5. They are really bringing out the alphabet soup with these BlackBerry 10 device releases.

    • Could be to throw off people…
      Show the press and elite members a roadmap with devices and A, B, C, O, W letters underneath and some people will start to call them series 🙂
      “It’s the C-series” and they’ll assume STC100 numbers
      “It’s the W-series”, when it’s really one version of a device which probably won’t have the STW100 model number.

      One thing to be highlighted though is that starting with the Z30, model numbers will be in alphabetical order… STA, STB, SQC. That makes me thing that the one after that has to be a qwerty if we don’t want to end up with an STD model 😉

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