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CONTEST: MIME USA Ghost Glass for the BlackBerry Z10 Review and Giveaway!

DSCN1829When I first heard of a tempered glass screen protector, I was kinda worried.  How would a piece of glass on top of the regular screen look and feel?  I had always been a classic plastic film screen protector user.  Well, was I taken back by surprise.  The Ghost Glass screen protector for the BlackBerry Z10 is made of premium tempered glass, and I would say elevates the touch screen experience.  It went on really easy.  Because it was simply a piece of glass there was NO AIR BUBBLES.  It was a seamless install, MIME USA thought ahead.  They give you a piece of plastic film to to put on your screen first, that you peel off, removing all dust or lint that may be on the device.  Once on,there is no waiting. You can start using the device right away, and within 10 minutes I knew I was never going to be using a generic plastic film protector again.

The clean glass feeling, and the clarity of the screen shine through right away.  I have ‘accidentally’ dropped the device a few times and the glass did not chip or crack.  I also took a small screwdriver and repeatedly tapped the glass all over numerous times with varied degrees of strength, and the Ghost Glass didn’t even chip!  Now many of you might be thinking if it will increase the depth of the glass, or get in the way of the bezel gestures…. well it doesn’t.  The screen protector is less than 1 mm thick, and the edges are beveled, so it almost seamlessly blends in to the edges of the Z10.  The one thing that I did notice though, that some of my full protection cases fit a little too snug for my liking, because I swap batteries 2-3 times a day, I had to leave them off and go with classic soft case.

Now 3 weeks in to using the Ghost Glass on my Z10 I do have one little chip on the edge.  I was in a hurry and threw my pocket knife, keys, and Z10 in one pocket.  After running errands for a few hours, I pulled out the device and have the most minute chip off the edge.  It never spread or got worse.  It just really shows how much engineering goes in to the development of the glass.

I would recommend the Ghost Glass to anyone looking to get maximum coverage on their device.  MIME USA makes them for many different devices, and are reasonably priced.  They also have a really good lifetime  warranty, if you crack your glass simply send it back and purchase a new one at 40% MSRP.  Now it isn’t FREE, but still a 60% discount is great. Grab one for yourself today for low price of $24.95, and they are offering FREE shipping on all USA orders right now!

But WAIT, don’t feel like buying one? Tell us a story in the comments section where you wished you would have had the Ghost Glass on your device. We will pick the best one and send you a MIME USA Ghost Glass screen protector for your Z10!

Now you are wondering why no device pic? I was unable to capture the beauty of the screen protector in the lighting of my home with my point and shoot camera, so I just have pictures of the protector pre install.


Disclaimer:  Contest ends 31/10/2013, shipping is ground shipping anywhere in the world.  The decision of who wins will be decided by the BerryReview team, fabricated stories will be omitted. Please enter only once by sharing your story in the comments section.  Please remember to be REGISTERED so we can contact you if you are chosen.  Good luck to all!  The one you receive will be BRAND NEW and the package was only opened to take pictures for this post.

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  1. I keep my Z10 in the pocket with the keys and already have a few scratches on the display
    this would help keep further scratches off the unit

  2. I would have loved to have this on my Z10 when it dropped a few times on concrete with the Transform case on. Ultimate protection leads to piece of mind. Once the screen is protects like this, you tend to worry less about damage to your phone.

  3. I picked up up my Z10 on launch day in the US. The following weekend, I was at home playing Jetpack Joyride and managed to drop the device right onto the tile floor in my kitchen. It put a small hair-line crack in the screen, but luckily the touch screen still works fine. Sometimes, I can feel the crack in the screen when my finger runs over it. Fortunately, the crack has not gotten any worse. I would love to put on a glass screen protector and not have to worry about it again.

    Thanks for the contest.

  4. I always put my Z10 in a side holster but one evening around the BBQ I had my phone and car keys in my hoodie front pocket. I leant over to move the cooler and my phone fell out the pocket and landed facedown of the edge of the concrete deck and then bounced over on its front, no damange. At the same time my car keys fell out my pocket and landed on the very bottom right corner of the glass and chipped it. When I picket it up the chip ran up 3 cracks to the top of the phone and it was un-usable. I only had the phone for a week and was heading into the mall over the weekend to get a screen protector.

  5. Hope to win.

  6. Had a BlackBerry Storm 1 that dropped from my grip one cold dark day. Bang(!) on landing and cover goes one way, battery another and chips from screen all over the place. Phone still worked but just not the same. I just wish this was installed on every touch screen phone (just in case).

  7. My Z10 can use some protection right now

  8. That is an interesting protection device for sure. I’m curious if my Seidio Surface case and holster would still work with it. I find, on more than one occasion, I miss getting my Z in to the bottom part of the holster causing a tumble to the ground. Luckily nothing has broken…yet! Another great contest, too.

  9. Nice!!!! nothing but the best for my Z10….. 😉

  10. Hey count me in! I’d love to have one of these for my wife!

  11. I would love this screen protector! I’m tired of air bubbles messing up the experience on my Z10!

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