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WSJ Claims BlackBerry May Lay Off Up to 40% of Employees

Sadly it is true

The Wall Street Journal’s Will Connors is reporting from unnamed sources that there is some bad news coming for a large portion of BlackBerry employees. According to their sources BlackBerry may lay off as many as 40% of their employees by the end of the year. BlackBerry has been clear that they are reorganizing but this is pretty drastic. BlackBerry will essentially be performing open heart surgery on their company to try and turn it into a lean machine that can rise from its former ashes.

BlackBerry did not deny the damaging rumors and just said that “Organizational moves will continue to occur to ensure we have the right people in the right roles to drive new opportunities in mobile computing.”

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  1. I wouldn’t post anything based on rumors!!!!!!!!!! I live with facts!!!!! WHO is Will Connors ???? Never heard of this CRACKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok, did he mention the rest of the story? like say, who’s replacing those 40% and what do they do.
    They may be laying off a majority of the BBOS group and getting staffed with more QNX specialists…
    Half the truth is a lie…

    • I agree with you. I can see more layoffs happening but a 40% layoff is actually like shutting down almost half the company. It doesn’t pass the common sense test. BB needs to break even long enough for their new businesses to mature a bit. They have basically reinvented their businesses. A year ago, BB was a completely different company. It takes time. The timing of this is article is also suspect – the same day as the release of the Z30.

  3. I’m fuzzy on the exact #’s but read another blog post where a user said Blackberry had about 7,000 employees at success peak time in 2007. They now have according to this writer about 11-12,000. If this is even halfway correct, then Blackberry is just doing some long overdue adjustments given that their sales volume is nowhere near 2007 levels. I’m sure we’re also seeing a transition to QNX specific applications and BB10 while legacy staff go. I hate to see anyone fired, but want Blackberry to continue to exist. Interesting article in NYT today on what may have nothing to do w/ anything. Textile business is returning to bustling level in the US – but the factory floors are devoid of people. Reason. Automation. I’m not saying that Blackberry is automating. Just that you can’t determine the future success of a company based on a head count. This is juvenile at best strategic analysis. Blackberry’s success lies in QNX and its enduring culture to make things happen that matter. Sure be nice to see the analysts show a tad of respect for them.

  4. Yeah, unfortunately the rumours are true. But BlackBerry is streamlining in order to compete with Android and iPhone. But, don’t like the demphasis on the consumer market. I wish BlackBerry the best, they still need better marketing.

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