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BlackBerry World Removes Support for Developers Charging For Upgrades

Paid Upgrades

I just heard from one of our developer friends that BlackBerry has emailed devs about a change to their paid upgrade policy. BlackBerry used to allow developers to charge for certain upgrades. For example, if you upgrade from Widgets 1.0 to Widgets 2.0 they could charge you an upgrade fee. Now BlackBerry has removed that option for any new releases to reduce complexity. Developers can now do that with in app purchases. The most common valid use for this is yearly content updates or access to new seasons.

Check out the email they sent out below:

Changes to Paid Upgrades

Dear Vendor,
As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce complexity within BlackBerry® World™, we no longer support the creation of new paid upgrade releases.
For New Releases
From now on, when you add a new release for your app, it must be a free upgrade release. If you want to charge your users for new functionality, we recommend you make that functionality available as an In App Purchase.
For Existing Releases

  • If your release is in Draft status, you will not be able to submit the release for approval with paid upgrade or minimum upgrade version selected. The same applies if you change your app release from Approved status to Draft status.
  • If your release is in Approved or Under Review status, paid upgrades are still supported. As is the case for new releases, you may charge for new functionality in existing releases by making it available as an In App Purchase.

To learn about In App Purchases and Virtual Goods, reference the Virtual Goods section of the Vendor Portal Guide.

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  1. I don’t develop apps/games so is this a good thing or a bad thing? Any devs wanna chime in on how this may or may not affect you?

  2. I saw good. Charging for in app is way different then charging on the same os level but charging for version 1.0 to 2.0

  3. That’s great as user should be able to get bug fixes without having to pay for unwanted features.

  4. Don’t see much difference for the user unless it discourages developers (like Bellshare) from continually charging for bug fixes under the guise of upgrades. From a user standpoint it only works if you can still install the non-upgraded version at a later date. For instance, you purchase v 1.0 of an app in January. A year later an update for the app doubles the price. You refuse this update and continue using the original version. Some time later, you are forced to restore your phone to it’s original state and re-install the apps. However, the only way to get said app back on to your phone is to purchase the new higher priced version from BlackBerry World. If this change allows you to re-install the original, already paid for version, then great, but I don’t see it.

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