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What Do You Think Of The iPhone 5S & 5C


All the players in the mobile space had their eyes to Apple today to see what they have been cooking for the last year. It seems like the leaks had it spot on with very little new being revealed during the conference. They announced a new cheaper colorful version of the iPhone 5 called the 5C. They then upgraded a bit of the guts and camera on the 5 and called it the 5S with a fingerprint sensor. Not really the revolutionary trend setting role that Apple used to enjoy.

What was your reaction to the latest updates from Apple?

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  1. oh !

    So now we have the 5c with C for cheap,
    and the 5s, with a s for sheep.


  2. Way more expensive than I expected. These are the off-contract prices in Germany:
    5c 16GB: 599€, 32GB: 699€
    5s 16GB: 699€, 32GB: 799€, 64GB: 899€

    So one could get two new Z10 for the price of the cheapest 5c, which is also more expensive than any other Android and Windows Phone 8 top smartphone.

  3. Finger scanner? Last i recall that mythbusters episode that showed how flawed the latest tech that episode was from regular prints to silicone fingers and the locks were supposed to detect blood flow and heat and other stuff.

    If NSA is still hacking the iPhone, can they now detect who’s using a phone (finger print) and where (GPS and cell tower) from the FBI database and track a person of interest?

    Also, I didn’t see any mention of an hdmi connectivity for the games and videos display which they are boasting the fastest and best GPU for a mobile device, did I miss something?

    10 hours of video is impressive and I see why they say talk time on 3G/4G is XX hours because, everytime i make a call my LTE connection changes to 4G.

    Lets wait for the reviews, the real ones and pray the marketing department of BlackBerry would pick up some serious steam from this news…

    • Yeh I remember that episode. Biometrics aren’t 100% foolproof. Besides, I had a scanner on my old Thinkpad and Dell. After the initial “play with the new toy” phase I quickly shut off the annoyance of having to do that.

  4. Just took a look at “all that is new” with the new iPhone, not much really. I was seriously expecting them to hit hard on the business side of iPhone now that most tech sites seem to bash BB and Android did not do much to address that, and they come up with cheaper “budget” iphone that still costs $600.

    All three are going parallel to each other, WM, Android, iOS, only thing driving them is the vast selection of apps, if BB does not take this opportunity to grab more people who just want to get something difference, BB will totally lose this battle. We already started seeing truly budget devices like Nexus at $200, Sony Experia M at $250, HTC at $250, Nokia at below $100.

  5. There should be a comma up there
    ” BB, and Android did not do much to address that either”

  6. Yup these devices are not really pushing any new frontiers. On the other hand if even apple is offering a Lower end phone BlackBerry needs to be able to compete in that market and actually differentiate itself.

  7. Still no NFC in the 2013 iPhone??? BlackBerry doesn’t need to tackle the low end alone. They need to create head-turning designs. The A10 or Z30 must exploit the power of QNX and push the limits of what a phone can do. We need an upgraded camera with a 12-18 MP cam, 32 GB storage, 4GB RAM to encourage more sophisticated apps, geo zoning and all the goodies in 10.2. You build it, and developers and consumers will come calling. Such a device will generate consumer interest. Apple has demonstrated that price is not the biggest success factor – coolness is.

  8. I am a z10 user and very happy with it, but why cheap comments on apples innovation. Which other phones have a fingerprint sensor ? If we get to a point where I can use a sensor instead of a password to everything, then I see this as a major step forward . The fact is that in a few days 98% + apple customers will probably be seamlessly on ios7 , when as a z10 customer I still am not on latest release of 10.1… Why. Quit knocking apple and ficus on blackberry

  9. I thought the whole thing was a huge disappointment. Fingerprint scanner, and cheaper, coloured plastic (that people are going to shove in an Otterbox or concealing case anyway). Watching live events I also heard about HDMI, and NFC … however I see nothing official about that? Even so, from the richest company on the planet I expected to have a complete nerdgasm … this was a complete let-down!!

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