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BlackBerry PlayBook OS Officially Released


First we had an odd leak of an OS for the PlayBook and now we have an official release. BlackBerry has pushed out OS as an official OS release for the device. This update packs in 390MB+ so its a whopper. On the other hand it includes an updated Adobe Flash for security along with other “Tweaks & Bug Fixes” from what we hear. So hit that check for updates button and let us know what you find!

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  1. I guess the angry mob outside their window did more that just complain about our dinobook, hope it becomes usable again.

  2. I don’t know if this will make my Playbook run any better but I do know this: The most enjoyable part of this upgrade will be not wondering if AT&T has made the upgrade available to me yet!

  3. Does anyone know what the Android run time is with this update?

  4. The update makes browsing much faster, but once you get a failure message, only turning off and on helps to start browsing again. Takes about three minutes… And it happens on a regular basis. Very frustrating, as was the former OS update. Never will buy Blackberry again, they don’t deserve to be bought.

    • What failure message? A browser failure or web failure?

      • It was a problem with the hostname (?), didn’t happen after second restart anymore so maybe I was a bit to fast with my conclusion, but it never happened before…

        The browsing with former OS was awfully slow nevertheless and the keyboard would get a huge delay after a while.
        Now browsing and keyboard are really enjoyable again so I hope the tablet keeps running smooth. Do like the build quality, size and screen of my playbook. Still looks like new after two years of daily use.

  5. Oh, nice. I was looking for the leak update post again and found this instead. Can’t wait to check it out.

  6. This update have nothing but my desktop software are not working. It said no device found, ma need to update again.
    What a nonsense happening in state of while I bought this PlayBook when they announced PlayBook will have bb10 os update.
    F this bbp !!!

  7. new playbook update has frozen my playbook … when I turn it on it does not get past the “PLAYBOOK” revolving colors screen

  8. The update made the OS as slow as molasses. The only fix was a security wipe and reinstall. I now have to restore the system which is taking over 5 hours and is still not finished. Will reserve final judgment until the unit is restored.

  9. I upgraded.. My back camera stopped working. Need help..

  10. Includes the following updates for all models of the BlackBerry PlayBook (Wi-Fi only and 4G/4G LTE™)

    Adobe® Flash® Player security updates to ensure customers remain protected from these issues
    Resolves issues where some users were unable to either purchase or upgrade apps within the BlackBerry® World™ storefront
    Updates for the 4G/4G LTE PlayBook are subject to carrier availability.

  11. Still getting the ‘unknown network error’ while browsing, and typing this message is very very slow (3-4 seconds between key press and character appearing on screen ). So not very happy with1753 🙁

  12. Now no apps working, freeze up. Browser freeze up. Only thing working is power down button. The download of this new os went great. Installed ok. restarted ok. Able to use right after update. Turned of playbook and went to bed. Next day turned on and voila you get the above info. What happened?

  13. This update ruined my play book. I had always bragged about the reliability of my bb. Now I am forced to type this review on my iPhone. Wish they would do a more thorough test on their updates.

  14. I thru mine away . Saving now for a iPad . We all can learn from our mistakes. Like the Misinformed voters

  15. I have just updated my PB. I do not see any change, everything works as before. Takes 5 min to start, cameras are OK, I do not feel the browser is better. I hope I will get rid of the black screen of death.

  16. Got home and fired it up and did the upgrade, played with it for an hour and here’s what I found. The browser is way faster, You Tube video loads way faster…just streaming video in general. I also went to my favorite tech app called Appy Geek and watched a streaming video on the new IOS7 and there was no freeze up during play…its just stunning. (And for my wife and all you IOS users, the new IOS 7 will be free to download on iPad, iPad mini and iPhone on September 18.) The Blackberry store loads almost instantly instead of the usual lag. I played 3 games; Jetpack Joyride, Robotek and the graphically intense Asphalt 7 and they are running extra fast. Specially Ashphalt 7…it screams. The battery has the standard drain, HDMI on my big screen Tv is great, camera works great as does the stored HD video playback. Gonna spend the better part of the night playing with my Playbook…hope my wife doesn’t get jealous lol. Thanks Blackberry.

  17. Future comments awaited with interest.
    Hope the support team works to ensure health of all delivered devices from BlackBerry.
    The guaranteed support from this crucial service is important to all BlackBerry geeks, and to older investors like me.

    Ernest Semple, Montreal

  18. Got the ‘update’ warning; downloaded in about 10 minutes; browser quicker; keyboard better; nothing is worse; nothing broke down….can’t understand why people are having problems…I’m in UK…maybe the problems are only in US/Canada?

  19. Can please anyone help me where and how to download android games?..specially the new version of jetpack joyride..thanxs..

  20. Updated my PlayBook and boom. My camera and video stops working now I’m sure that was not meant to happen now it just says camera error 4003 same with video.I’ve. Done the three button and so on but no joy

  21. Actualicé mi BlackBerry playbook y todo ok. La cámara funciona, las aplicaciones y juegos también (tanto los de Android como los nativos de blackberry).
    La navegación funciona bien y en general sigue siendo una excelente tableta.
    Efectivamente escribir el texto del comentario en la página Web de berryrreview es lento, he escrito el texto en el documents to go y funcionó de maravillas. Desconozco cuál será el motivo para la lentitud de respuesta del teclado en la página Web.

  22. Mine works smoother and better than ever. Sorry some are having problems. About to sideload a bunch of android apps 😉

  23. I have a playbook that needs updating. I want to download the updated OS on my laptop then later update my playbook through my desktop manager. Can someone give me the link to where i can download the OS

  24. The update fixed my issue. No more black screen of death.

  25. Our BBPB has been downgraded to “kids toy” for our just turned 2 year old daughter. A lack of serious apps offerings and still no skype really kill this device. A 400MB update without any real improvements don’t do it any favors either. Good thing we bought it at a discount well over a year ago, but going back on the promised BB10 software upgrade has ensured us never getting a RIM/BB device ever again.

  26. Just purchased Playbook now I am regretting. Have a helluva time trying out figure out to download apps for games on the BB cud someone share any links to convert apk files to bar files for start. Need a tutorial for dummies like mee

  27. Does this device support adobe flash? I can’t view flash on certain websites!!!

    • Playbook is THE ONLY TABLET supporting FLASH.
      Are you sure the video you want to watch is made with Flash?
      In my experience the only video I’ve not been able to watch are made with Silver*** by Microsoft…

      • Hi morgsi. Thanks for your response. When I go to, that’s my local news channel, I can’t watch the news videos on the Site. I’m getting this error. ‘MEDIA ERROR. There was an error decoding this media. The media format may not be supported’. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, jt

  28. Some applications ask that I download the latest in Adobe Flash Player,….but when I try to do that, it says that I have the latest update. Any ideas?

  29. Yes- Flashplayer is needed.

  30. how do i reinstall allthe apps on a it from a friend he did a wipe and now all that is here is the browser ,updates dont want to load so i dont know what to do

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