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Make Typing Easier with Word Substitutions!

IMG_20130836Word Substitutions and the Custom Dictionary are some great features baked right in to any BlackBerry OS that are highly under utilized.  And now with a virtual keyboard on my Z10, I find myself using them more than ever.  It’s so easy to just type ‘brl’ for my BerryReview email address, or ‘sigg’ to have my email signature show up in any form.  Not taking advantage of these features? Let me walk you through how to set them up, in hopes to make your life easier!

Start by opening you Settings


Then select “Language and Input”


Next, select “Prediction and Correction”


Once in Prediction and Correction you will see “Word Substitution”, open that


Once you open the word list, you will see a list of predetermined correction, that can be used as short hand.  Remember where this list is, take a second to read it over, using the shorthand keystrokes can make your typing experience a lot better! Now at the bottom tap “Add Shortcut”.


Here is where you type in the original word or phrase, and what you would like to type to have it substituted.  Looking below you can see I used my BerryReview email, and then “brl” as the substitution.



Once you save the substitution, it will now be in the list and free for you to use in any app!


Using Word Substitutions will really enhance the experience already hieghtened in BlackBerry 10.  You can also use this method for custom emoticons, phone number and more!  Have any more tips and tricks you would like to see featured? Email me [email protected] and let me know!

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  1. I have always used these with all my Berry’s. I use tons of abbreviations anyways and this makes it so much easier. One of my most used features indeed.

  2. While article have good intentions, you might want to reconsider your example : I would rather type 3 letters and get email returned, rather than the other way around…

    rd -> Regards, Ducca

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